Breaking Bad and Mrs Brown's Boys among 'most overrated TV shows'

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When the positive fervour around a drama or comedy reaches a certain level, it can be daunting for naysayers to speak out.

But not everyone likes the TV shows that critics and viewers are raving about.

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With this in mind, we asked members of our Screen Babble discussion group on Facebook to swim against the tide, and highlight the television past and present they feel is grossly overrated.

Here's what they had to say. Try not to get offended now...

Slaying sacred cows

If you thought some TV dramas were beyond reproach, think again.

"I find Breaking Bad to be hugely over-rated," claims Chris Slinn. "I think my issue is that I found the main character so utterly unlikable, that I just wasn't engaged by anything he did or said."

Walter White: the one who flops? (Photo: AMC)

Mad Men meanwhile was a "disappointment", according to Katy Beardsmore. "The first two seasons kept my attention but it went downhill from there," she adds.

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"I gave up on Mad Men after the first series," says Mark Dunford. "Didn't connect with it and found it very dull."

Even The Wire, frequently held up as one of the greatest shows of all time (if not THE greatest), wasn't everyone's cup of tea.

"It was too bleak for me and the subject matter didn't connect," notes Chris Slinn. "But I can see how it was well made, well written and well acted."

Fantasy epic Game of Thrones, meanwhile, failed to hold Keely Davison's attention.

Sorry Tyrion (Photo: HBO)

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"The bits I have watched I have really enjoyed," she notes, "but I always end up losing interest and dipping in and out of it. I've given up completely now."

'Classic' comedy leaves some stony-faced

We all know that humour is subjective - and even the biggest comedies had Screen Babble members queuing up to denounce them. If you thought everybody would be there for '90s favourite Friends, you'd be wrong.

"I just don’t get what all the fuss is about," says Alan Barley of the pop culture staple, while Linsey McQueen Carson and Mark Taylor ("dismal") are also quick to make their dislike known.

The Big Bang Theory, meanwhile, may be one of the world's most popular sitcoms, but the ire of some is fiery to say the least.

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"Characters are incredibly weak bad stereotypes," argues Kev Wilby. "Jokes are pseudo intelligent humour that are as flat as panda pops cola. I don't think it has even raised a smile out of me. How on earth it has managed to get past 20 episodes, let alone 200, genuinely boggles my mind."

"As a geek I find the show insulting," adds Grant Cruickshank. "It can celebrate points of geek culture but uses them more often as punchlines, mean-spirited ones at that. Spaced and Community are far better shows for celebrating geeks and their culture."

Other dishonourable mentions go to Only Fools and Horses, Gavin and Stacey, and Absolutely Fabulous ("spectacularly mis-named", quips Donald Grant).

However, there is one 'successful' comedy above all that some people love to hate.

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"Mrs Brown’s Boys," says Steve Wilkins. "It’s embarrassingly bad. I have no idea why people rave about it."

"Excruciating to watch," is Sheila Mackie's verdict, "even for the short time it takes to wait for the menu to come up. Immediate channel change is a necessity."

Each to their own...

When it comes to hallowed sci-fi, not even a 55-year legacy can exempt Doctor Who from criticism.

Is Doctor Who just for kids? (Photo: BBC)

"I have never understood the appeal of it," remarks Nick Mitchell. "I can see how it could be quite scary or gripping when you're a kid, but as an adult... nah."

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Mandi Dunford also claims it as her most overrated show, but notes that it's "worth acknowledging that the world spins because we all like different things".

"I know there are shows I like that others will not rate," agrees Mark Dunford. "That's what makes it all so interesting!"

Other 'overrated' shows according to our members:




Coronation Street


Grey's Anatomy

Shooting Stars

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