Letter: Harborough Council supports neighbourhood planning

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Cllr Phil King writes to the Harborough mail this week to explain the rationale behind granting a planning application in Foxton...

I wanted to respond to the article in the Harborough Mail (January 24) regarding land to the rear of The Black Horse pub in Foxton.

The decision to grant planning permission for a house on land at the Black Horse public house in Foxton was made by elected members of the planning committee, who considered all the representations relating to this planning application at the meeting on January 15 and also considered the advice of the district council’s professional planners.

That advice was that the application satisfied the Foxton Neighbourhood Plan. The planning committee report explained this.

The Plan allows for windfall / unidentified housing within the village which this house is.

The Plan also allows for development which does not harm Local Green Space, and the council decided the proposal caused limited harm.

Amongst other things the Plan also allows for building that is in keeping with the village and not significantly harmful to neighbouring properties.

The Council decided the proposal was in keeping and didn’t cause serious harm.

Consideration of the proposal by officers and the planning committee, as well as public engagement and liaison, has been extensive involving much consultation, amended plans and a planning committee site visit.

As with all decisions this contentious one was taken responsibly and with great care after considerable time and effort by all those involved.

This involvement is valued and appreciated even if, on occasions, decisions result in different opinions and interpretations.

The Council is fully committed to supporting Neighbourhood Planning and is extremely proud of the hard work of its communities so far which has resulted in 19 made Neighbourhood Plans being put in place across the Harborough District.

Councillor Phil King, Harborough District Council