Quirky handmade cycling ducks lead the way for gift ideas

With Champs-Élysées Paris final stage, Denmark's Jonas Vingegaard winning for first time, Tour de France fever continues with quirky gifts.

Offering the perfect post-event presents for those who attended the event overseas, watched from the comfort of their own home or are still dreaming of becoming a professional peddling participant, Original Wooden Duck Company DCUK’s Cycling ducks are ready to go.

From Ducklings (18cm) to Dinky Ducks (11cm) you can find a range of hand-crafted and personalised competitive characters who will be sure to put a smile on the faces of cycling fans across the country.

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Sporting the iconic red and white Tour de France polka dot jersey, this Cyclist Duckling has a  matching-coloured racing helmet and is all geared up and ready to go!

The Duckling stands approximately 19cm high, comes in a randomly selected pose and can be personalised with a name tag.

Just as iconic but standing a little smaller at just over 11cm, the Dinky Ducks arrive in their very own gift boxes. Great for a keepsake!

Dressed in a sunshine yellow jersey, this duckling is the perfect piece of cycling décor for households watching this year.

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Standing on a mantel piece or on the shelves of a summer house, he will be sure to brighten up your space whilst you cheer on the race.

This biker boasts blue. Another cyclist in matching jersey and helmet is ready to become your bystander best friend from wherever you are watching.

Pretty in pink, this rider will be sure to stand out from the crowd. Perch on a windowsill or living room side table to guarantee them the best seat in the house.