Opening hours for Primark, Sports Direct, Card Factory and others as non-essential shops reopen

Monday, 15th June 2020, 3:37 pm
Updated Monday, 15th June 2020, 3:37 pm
Non-essentials retailers in England are now open, with shoppers able to head into stores once again, as part of the government’s phased plans to ease lockdown restrictions (Photo: Shutterstock)

Non-essentials retailers in England are now open, with shoppers able to head into stores once again, as part of the government’s phased plans to ease lockdown restrictions.

Shops, including clothing stores, which were classed as ‘non-essential’ temporarily closed their doors when the UK entered into lockdown on 23 March, but most were given permission to reopen from 15 June.

But what are the opening times for the most popular high street chains, including Primark, Sports Direct and Card Factory?

Here’s what you need to know.

John Lewis

John Lewis has reopened its Kingston and Poole branches, with a further 11 of the chain’s shops set to open on Thursday (June 18).

The Kingston store is open from 9.30am until 6pm, and the Poole store from 10am until 6pm.To check the details for your local store, use John Lewis's store finder.


Although the pharmacy chain has remained open throughout the lockdown, providing medication to people during the coronavirus crisis, Boots has now opened its beauty counters.

Opening times vary from branch to branch, so to check your closet store, visit the store locator.


The opening times for Primark vary from branch to branch, so it’s good to check your local store to see exactly when it is open before you make a trip.

Most stores are operating slightly shorter hours than usual at the moment, and only Primark's 153 stores in England are back to trading normally.

Check Primark’s locator tool to find details of your nearest shop.

Sports Direct?

The opening times for Sports Direct vary between stores. Some branches are open between 10am until 8pm on Mondays, with others open 10am until 6pm Monday to Friday, and 9am until 6pm on Saturdays.

Sunday trading hours are typically from 11am until 5pm.

Sports Direct said it has changed opening times for some shops in order to make sure staff are safely able to travel to and from work - avoiding rush hour.

Check your closest store’s opening times by using the store locator tool.


H&M opening times will also vary from store-to-store.The chain’s flagship store in Oxford Street, London, would usually have been open until 8pm on most days before lockdown, but their new opening hours will be from 11am until 7pm.The majority of stores in the South will now be open from 10am until 5pm, with shops in the North look to be open from 10.30am to 5.30pm.


Next’s opening hours vary between stores, but they are usually open between 9.30am until 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Sunday's opening hours are typically 11am until 5pm.

Check your local store’s hours using its store locator tool.


Argos reopened 140 of its 700 standalone stores on 15 June.

However, to begin with the reopened shops will only carry out collections and returns.

Argos concessions within Sainsbury's supermarkets have remained open during lockdown.

Opening times will vary between branches, so it’s worth checking with your closest store. Visit the store locator to find your local branch.

JD Sports

Opening times for JD Sports varies from store to store, so it’s worth checking the opening times for your local stores before you make a trip.

You can find the details for a specific branch using JD Sports' store locator.


Debenham stores indicate that they will be open from 10am until 5pm seven days a week, but with no late night shopping on Thursdays or early morning slots.

However, it’s worth checking opening times with your local store. You can check details of your local store with the store locator.

Card Factory

Not all Card Factory stores are open yet, as they are gradually reopening, so to check if your local store has reopened and to check opening times, visit the store locator.