Firefighters have urgently warned against balcony barbecues - here’s why they are dangerous

Firefighters are warning people not to barbecue on their balconies (Photo: Shutterstock)Firefighters are warning people not to barbecue on their balconies (Photo: Shutterstock)
Firefighters are warning people not to barbecue on their balconies (Photo: Shutterstock)

A product recall has been issued for a novelty product designed to allow people to host barbecues on their balconies - something that the London Fire Brigade is advising against over summer.

This is everything you need to know about the recall and why the product is considered dangerous by the London Fire Brigade.

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What’s being recalled?

Online retailer Menkind is issuing a voluntary recall of its balcony barbecue due to the fact that the company has been informed by the London Fire Brigade of its dangers.

The balcony barbecue was sold online only, and the product code is 74877.

What to do if you’re affected

If you bought a barbecue balcony specifically to use on your balcony, you’re being advised not to use it due to the potential dangers.

Instead, you can download a free postage return form here and return the barbecue to Menkind directly for a full refund.

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You should be sure to use your original order number when filling in the returns form.

It is also highly recommended that you keep the proof of postage provided to you at the post office just in case the return gets lost in transit back to Menkind.

If you have any questions about the recall or returning your product, you can get in touch with the customer service team by emailing [email protected].

Why is it dangerous?

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) have issued warnings in the past about using barbecues on balconies.

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In 2020, the LFB wrote an open letter to balcony barbecue manufacturers warning them about the dangers.

The letter read, “These balcony barbecues are a staggeringly irresponsible idea and are being marketed carelessly, with hardly any thought as to how dangerous they are.”

The letter goes on to state that the LFB are attending “on average almost four fires on balconies every week”, with that figure set to be much higher during warmer weather.

Balcony safety tips from the London Fire Brigade

The LFB states that they understand “people want to enjoy their outside space if they have it” but urge people not to barbecue on their balcony.

These are the balcony safety tips issued by the LFB:

  • Never barbecue on your balcony - embers could carry and set light to your or your neighbours balcony and possessions
  • It’s better not to smoke at all, but if you do, always ensure your cigarette is always properly put out and never throw it over the side as it could catch light to possessions on a balcony below or next to yours
  • Try not to store combustible items on your balcony as they could catch alight
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