Channel 4 is recruiting for contestants for season 6 of survival series Hunted- here's how to apply

Channel 4’s survival-based reality show, Hunted, has been such a hit that preparations are already underway season six - even before season five has hit the air.

The show, which sees contestants go on the run while a team of Hunters try to track them down, is currently looking for more people to be hunted.

If you’ve seen the previous competitors and reckon you’ve got what it takes to come out on top, why not throw your name in for consideration?

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    After all, there is a £100,000 prize waiting for you at the end.

    Here’s everything you need to know about applying for the next season of Hunted.

    The Hunters' team includes world class investigators like Julie Clegg. Picture: Channel 4

    What is Hunted?

    For those who aren’t familiar, Channel 4’s Hunted sees contestants tasked with going on the run for 25 to 28 days in mainland Great Britain while a team of Hunters try to catch them.

    The Hunters have been drawn from the police force and intelligence agencies, so evading them will require some serious skills.

    Things are made especially tough by the fact that the Hunters can also call on the “power of the state” to assist them – allowing them to monitor CCTV footage, access the contestants’ personal information and track their phone calls.

    The Hunters have also been known to dangle monetary rewards before both captured contestants and members of the public in their efforts to close in on their prey.

    On the final day of their run, contestants must reach the “extraction point” without being apprehended to earn their share of the £100,000 prize.

    Season five begins on Channel 4 on Thursday 13 February 2020, while season six is set to air some time in 2021.

    Applications for season six are now open.

    Who can apply for Hunted?

    While Hunted is open to almost anyone, there are a few eligibility requirements that have to be met by anyone looking to get on the show.

    You have to be 18 years old as of 11 February 2020 – things get pretty tough, so Hunted is an adults-only affair.

    For obvious reasons, you also need to have the legal right to reside in the UK and, to prevent any accusations of bias, it’s important that neither you nor any member of your household is currently employed by either Channel 4 or SHINE TV.

    Lastly, you’ll obviously need to be available to be away from home for up to six weeks in case you are actually chosen to appear on the show.

    Almost anyone can apply to be on Hunted but few have what it takes. Picture: Channel 4

    How do I apply?

    While many reality shows feature a pretty laborious application process, Hunted’s online system really couldn’t be simpler.

    To apply, simply visit the Hunted applications web page and submit some standard personal details – name, age, address, gender which region of the UK you currently live in.

    You will also need to state whether you would prefer to compete by yourself or as part of a team.

    There’s also a personality-focused section, with questions designed to give the show a fuller picture of what sort of person you are.

    Lastly, you’ll have to submit a 3-minute video making the case for why you want to be on the show and why you’d make for a good contestant.

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