Boy, 9, killed by lightning strike was organ donor and will save lives of other children

Jordan Banks passed away age nine after being struck by lightning Jordan Banks passed away age nine after being struck by lightning
Jordan Banks passed away age nine after being struck by lightning

The dad of Jordan Banks has revealed that the 'special and beautiful' nine-year-old gave three other children a second chance at life by donating his organs to them.

In a statement, Matt Banks said: "Jordan was, and is, the most amazing little person. He had the biggest heart and would do anything for anyone, and when parents say they have the best kid ever, he generally was the best ever, and if I ever could have asked for a perfect child that was my Jordan.

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"I couldn’t have been prouder of him, always putting other people (before) himself, such a selfless little person. Even now, his kindness has meant that three other children may be able to live, as he always told us he wanted to be able to help other people if he could so was a donor, and (he) has donated which we know will be what he wanted."

‘Words can’t explain how heartbroken I am’

Jordan died on Tuesday night after being struck by lightning as he played football in Common Edge playing fields.

The football world, MPs, celebrities and people all over Britain joined Blackpool in mourning the Stanley Primary School pupil.

Matt said: "One of Jordan’s passions was Liverpool but that was probably more me forcing it on him... his other passions, one of many was martial arts, and fashion... His favourite T-shirt was his Cobra Kai top as he was obsessed with Cobra Kai. He always wanted his Liverpool or Cobra Kai top on and would not be happy if they weren’t clean.

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"Words can’t even explain how heartbroken I am. Not only have I lost my little boy, I have lost my little best mate. We would sit and talk for hours about his future and he would always ask me what I wanted his children to call me and we both decided on Papi."

‘Don’t take any time for granted’

Matt added: "What I ask of anyone with children - cherish every moment, even moments that seem insignificant right now. Picking them up from school, putting them to bed at night, making them a drink, have tea time together, as you never know when moments like that will be taken away from you.

"It only feels like yesterday I was making Jordan a brew, putting him to bed, getting kisses, squeezing him and playing with him. Don’t take any time for granted as you may end up wishing you had more, like me. So please, please if you are busy and they might want to play a game or watch something with you, just find time because it’s priceless."