Times, dates and locations for Santa's sleigh route around Market Harborough

Santa's sleigh will be arriving in Market Harborough this weekend - and then he will be visiting streets and roads across the town in the run-up to Christmas.

Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 12:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 12:07 pm

Organised by the 3rd Market Harborough Scout group, the group will be towing the sleigh around the streets of Harborough from December 1 to December 22.

Here is the full list of his route:

Sunday December 1

Santa's sleigh will be travelling around the streets of Harboroughfrom December 1 to December 22.
Santa's sleigh will be travelling around the streets of Harboroughfrom December 1 to December 22.

Roads Driven and collected: Logan Street, Nelson Street, Goward Street, Hearth Street, East Street, Highfield Street, Stevens Street, Morley Street, Clarke Street, Wartnaby Street, Gardiner Street

Roads only Collected: Harcourt Street, Spencer Street, Stevens street, Charles Street

Monday December 2

Roads Driven and collected: Highcross Street, Gardiner Street, Adamswood Close, Knoll Street, Logan Crescent, Northleigh Grove, Horsefair Close, Norbury Close, The Fairway, Southleigh Grove, Fairfield Road, Old School Mews

Roads only Collected: Logan Court, Austins Close

Tuesday December 3

Roads Driven and collected: Burnmill Road, Doddridge Road, Kings Head Terrace, Ashfield Road, Roman Way, Symingtons Way, Middlebrook Green

Roads only Collected: Kings Road, Harrod Drive,

Wednesday December 4

Roads Driven and collected: Rugby Close, Summers Way, Freshman Way, Medora Close, Marmion Close, Angell Drive, Limner Street, Bantry Close, Summerhill Place, Kildare Close, Burton Street, Bridegroom Street

Roads only Collected: Southwolds Close, Charley Close, Measham Close, Brington Close

Thursday December 5

Roads Driven and collected: Dunslade Road, Dunslade Grove, The Heights, Glebe Road, Jack Cumberland Road, Page Road, Adcock Road, Whites Crescent,

Roads only Collected: Dunslade Close

Friday December 6

Roads Driven and collected: Late night shopping event. Positioned between Church and Grammar school

Saturday December 7

Roads Driven and collected: Alvington Way, Smyth Close, Bates Close, Kingston Way, Munroe Close, Coales Gardens, Davies Close, Turnpike Close, Tymecrosse Gardens, Victoria Avenue, Park drive

Roads only Collected: Timson Close, Deacon Close, Kestian Close, Holly close, Fir tree walk

Sunday December 8

Roads Driven and collected: The Furlongs, Ashley Way, Stockwell close, Woodbreach Drive, Thatchmeadow Drive, Ryelands Close, Meadowdale Road, Simborough Way, Picks Close, Long Brimley Close, Fothergills Close, Stinford Leys,

Roads only Collected: Fernfield Close, The Longlands

Monday December 9

Roads Driven and collected: Skippon Close, Pear Tree Gardens, Stuart Road, Fairfax Road, Cromwell Crescent, Essex Gardens, Balfour Gardens, Rochester Gardens, Howard Way, Rupert Road

Roads only Collected: Green Lane, Rowan Avenue

Tuesday December 10

Roads Driven and collected: Fairfax Road, Ireton Road, Stuart Road, Naseby Close, Newcombe Street, Granville Street, Nithsdale Avenue

Wednesday December 11

Roads Driven and collected: Arden Way, Arden Close, Nunneley Way, Douglas Drive, The Headlands, Great Bowden Road

Thursday December 12

Roads Driven and collected: Heygate Street, Orchard street, Meadow Street, The Broadway, Connaught Road, Albany Road, Edinburgh Close, Clarence Street, Andrew McDonald Close

Roads only Collected: Meadow Close, Broadway Terrace

Friday December 13


Saturday December 14

Roads Driven and collected: Sandringham Way, Petworth Drive, Chatsworth Drive, Hagley Close, Deene Close, Hartland Drive, Claremont Drive, Gores Lane

Roads only Collected: Redliech Close, Balmoral Close, Longleat Close, Althorp Close, Bamburgh Close, Rosemoor Close, Burghley Close, Stanway Close, Woburn Close, Ripley Close, Goodwood Close, Holdenby Close, Medway Close, Rolleston Close, Wilson Close

Sunday December 15

Roads Driven and collected: Stablegate Way, Middledale Road, Overdale Close, Audley Close, Shelland Close, David Hobbs Rise, Ashley Way, Roundhill Close, Bowden Rise

Roads only Collected: Woodgate Close, Flaxland Close, Gilbert Close, Fernley Close

Monday December 16

Roads Driven and collected: Riley Close, Farndale View, Brookfield Road, Westfield Close, The Pastures, Willow Crescent

Roads only Collected: Millers Gardens, Springhill Gardens, Rhodes Close, The Firs, Spinney Close, Fieldhead Close Elm Drive

Tuesday December 17

Roads Driven and collected: The Ridgeway, Ridgeway West, Blenheim Way, Overfield Avenue, Pochin Drive, Waterfield Place, Centenary close, Marlborough Way, Scott Close, , Sherrard Road, Hammond Way, The Oval, The Crescent

Roads only Collected: Rutland Walk, Warwick Close, Bramley Close, Worcester Drive, Chiltern Close, Crescent Close

Wednesday December 18

Roads Driven and collected: Moseley Avenue, Eady Drive, Scotland Road, Rookwell Drive, Dunmore Road, Welland Park Road, Walcot Road

Thursday December 19

Roads Driven and collected: Watson Avenue, Maurice Road, Rainsborough Gardens, Hopton Fields, Ritchie Park, Selby Close

Roads only Collected: Butler Gardens, Harrison Close, Barnard Gardens, Gerrard Gardens, Argyll Park, Jackson Close, Bishops Close, Dallison Close, Vaughan Close, Lindsay Gardens, Stratton Close

Friday December 20


Saturday December 21

Roads Driven and collected: Lathkill Street, Haddonian Road, Tungstone Way, Hurlingham Road, Bradford Street, Caxton Street, Bath Street, Western Avenue

Sunday December 22