Safety fears over Lutterworth potholes

Potholes on a drive outside a sheltered housing scheme in Lutterworth could cause a very serious accident, a worried relative has warned.
Residents of St Mary's House in Lutterworth with the potholed roadResidents of St Mary's House in Lutterworth with the potholed road
Residents of St Mary's House in Lutterworth with the potholed road

The “dreadful” potholes are outside St Mary’s House, off Church Close, in the town.

And regular visitor Mary Guppy – whose 94-year-old father lives in the home – told the Mail: “Most of the people in the home use mobility scooters or walking frames.

“The drive is now in an extremely dangerous state, and it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident.”

Mrs Guppy, of North Kilworth, says her father ventures out most days and has to negotiate the potholes.

She said he or another resident could either be tipped over by the potholes or have a collision with a car in avoiding the road defects.

Mrs Guppy said she has been “passed from pillar to post” in trying to find out who was responsible for repair work on the road.

St Mary’s House, which contains 28 flats, is managed by EMH Homes, based in Leicester.

But Mrs Guppy said she had been passed between EMH, the council, the diocese and even the NHS as she sought to get an answer to the question: who is responsible for this road being repaired?

She finally contacted the Lutterworth Mail about the dilemma last week.

She said: “Surely it’s better that this problem is rectified quickly before an accident happens which could lead to very serious consequences and would involve the legal profession?”

And on Tuesday this week there was suddenly some good news for the pothole campaigners.

Jerry Sykes, for the EMH Group, told the Mail it had not been clear in the past who was responsible for maintaining the road.

He said: “But our solicitor’s now looked into it, and it is our responsibility.”

He added that temporary repairs on the road would be put in place before Easter.

And the company was now getting quotes for a permanent fix.

A relieved Mrs Guppy said she was pleased that a solution to the problem had finally been found.

“It’s been going on for literally over a year,” she told the Mail.

Mrs Guppy added she would be keeping a keen eye on the road to make sure that the repairs promised by EMH materialised.

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