Meet the general election candidates for the Harborough seat: Darren Woodiwiss (Green Party)

Darren WoodiwissDarren Woodiwiss
Darren Woodiwiss
We asked all the general election candidates standing for the Harborough seat to submit about 300 words on why you should vote for them.

This is the pitch from Darren Woodiwiss, representing the Green Party (all the other candidates can be found on our website):

My name is Darren Woodiwiss and I am a resident of Market Harborough. Professionally I am a Scrum master (Agile software team servant leader) and I am a proud father and husband.

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I have always been keenly interested in the environment and the issues regarding the sustainability of our world. I co-founded Transition-Town-Market-Harborough in 2007 and through this group have been actively promoting the goal of sustainability. I initiated the bid process to the “Big Lottery” that led to the award of £1 million to run a sustainability project known as “Sustainable-Harborough”. I am also a voluntary director of the not-for-profit company “Harborough Energy”.

I became politically active prior to the 2015 General Election feeling that none of the traditional parties represented my views and having watched in dismay as the polemic policies of various governments dragged the poor NHS and education systems this way and that to satisfy political ideologies. With the growth of the Green party and its intention to give people the chance to vote for a sustainable future I felt I had no choice but to get involved.

It will be my mission to give the community more control over future housing developments. Drive through the requirements for better quality building, give the residents of the Harborough constituency a voice in the local political process, protect local health provision and fight for quality local jobs.

Globally we are in the clutches of a Climate emergency but the 2050 net zero target of our government is too little too late, the Green parties Green New Deal will drive down our emissions and create a new democratic Green industrial revolution providing quality, well paid jobs.

I hope that you share this vision of a better, healthier, more equitable future and vote for the Green Party on December 12.