Meet the general election candidates for the Harborough seat: Celia Hibbert (Labour)

We asked all the general election candidates standing for the Harborough seat to submit 300 words on why you should vote for them.

By Philip Hibble
Thursday, 28th November 2019, 11:26 am
Updated Thursday, 28th November 2019, 11:26 am
Celia Hibbert
Celia Hibbert

This is the pitch from Celia Hibbert, representing the Labour Party (all the other candidates can be found on our website):

It’s time for a fresh voice and the first female MP in Harborough.

This election is the most important in generations. The people of Harborough have a choice between someone who is passionate about finding solutions to local issues or voting to maintain the status quo. My route to this election isn’t the same as the other candidates, I have a unique perspective on how this diverse and exciting area can flourish.

Raised in a farming community, I know what is important to rural communities and the challenges of keeping them connected to our more urban areas - and crucially not losing what makes them special through ill thought out development or a lack of essential services.

Wherever you live in Harborough our needs are the same, I will be a strong voice for you all. My plan is to take care of the fundamentals that will improve life for all of us. Improving internet connectivity that, along with patchy mobile phone coverage, are holding back our local businesses. Local transport links, especially in more remote areas are terrible, we can do better by improving bus and rail services and we will all feel the benefit of a more connected constituency.

The basic things we all rely on; energy prices, affordable and accessible homes for sale and rent, rebuilding community hubs, ensuring our children can go to their local school and that all of this is properly funded. This is what matters to me. As the first female MP here, I will focus on the issues that affect women and on helping women who start and run local businesses. I am a grafter, just one year into being a councillor I was recognised as a community champion. I will represent everyone with equal passion and bring people together to create a Harborough we all contribute to and can all be proud of.