ELECTION 2017: Daily election diary

It was a good day for Theresa May whose reported row with Philip Hammond was completely overshadowed by Labour's leaked manifesto.

But it was a bad day for the poor cameraman whose foot was run over by a car carrying Jeremy Corbyn to the meeting where the manifesto was supposed to be agreed.

Going up / Going Down

Gordon Brown enjoyed a return to the political spotlight with a typically robust speech on the future of engineering in Britain.

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But the speech might not have gone down well with Labour’s leadership, given Mr Brown conspicuously failed to mention Jeremy Corbyn during his 25-minute oration.


National treasure Sir Ian McKellen is backing Labour’s Wes Streeting in Ilford North. “I don’t normally get involved in politics, although I have voted, I think, in every election that I’ve been able to,” he said.

Gaffe of the day

It emerged Paul White, the Conservative candidate in Burnley, has taken a holiday to Turkey in the middle of the election campaign

Tweet of the day

That time @theresa_may came to my front door but I was too scared to answer - David Bryan filmed himself hiding from the door-knocking prime minister.

Quote of the day

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“[Jeremy Corbyn] would have surrendered Gibraltar to the Spanish, and indeed the Falkands to Australia.” - Ukip’s Paul Nuttall (he meant Argentina).

PR stunt of the day

Not content with kissing babies, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron let a boy he met in Cardiff sit at the wheel of the party’s battle bus.

Blast from the past

Former prime minister David Cameron emerged from his shed to weigh into the fox-hunting debate saying he thought the ban was “a mistake”.