Here are the candidates who will be battling out for votes in the upcoming Harborough district elections 2023

Voters will take to the polls on Thursday May 4Voters will take to the polls on Thursday May 4
Voters will take to the polls on Thursday May 4
Voters will take to the polls on Thursday May 4

More than 120 candidates will be battling out for votes in the upcoming local elections across Harborough.

Voters will take to the polls on Thursday May 4 to decide which party and which candidate they want to represent them on the district council.

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All 34 of the council’s seats will be up for grabs in the upcoming election, with voting taking places across the district’s 19 wards. The council covers a large part of South Leicestershire, stretching from Lutterworth to Launde Abbey.

The Conservative Party hold a majority on Harborough District Council, having won 22 of the 34 seats at the last election in 2019. Its main political rivals on the council are the Liberal Democrats, who had 11 representatives elected.

There is little showing from the Labour Party in the Harborough area, seeing only one of its representatives elected in 2019. The Green Party, while previously unrepresented, is hoping to make strong ground in the district, having nominated 30 candidates for the coming elections.

The 34 elected councillors will then take the responsibility for a range of services in the local area, such as housing, planning, waste collection and social care. It will also be in charge of ensuring the council’s budget is in order and set the council tax rates for coming years.

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Residents will need to take ID like their passport or drivers licence with them to be able to vote.

Full candidate list for Harborough District Council elections:

Billesdon & Tilton, one candidate elected:

Ian Hill, Liberal Democrats

Sindy Modha, Conservatives

Sarah Recordon, Green Party

Bosworth, one candidate elected:

Peter Houtman, Labour

Amanda Nunn, Conservatives

Katherine Ruhl, Green Party

John Wood, Liberal Democrats

Broughton Astley Primethorpe & Sutton Ward, two candidates elected:

David Beasley, Liberal Democrats

Gillian Buswell, Green Party

Paul Dann, Conservatives

Clive Grafton-Reed, Conservatives

Joshua Graves, Liberal Democrats

Mark Green- Green Party

Sue Maguire- Labour

Sandra Parkinson- Labour

Broughton Astley South & Leire Ward – two candidates elected:

Christopher Cooper-Hayes, Green Party

Julie Gardner, Labour

Mark Graves, Liberal Democrats

Adam Holmes, Green Party

James Maguire, Labour

Janet Rogers, Liberal Democrats

Joshua Worrell, Conservative

Dunton Ward, one candidate elected

Neil Bannister, Conservatives

Maria Lee, Labour and Co-operative Party

Colin Porter, Liberal Democrats

Fleckney Ward, two candidates elected:

Stephen Bilbie, Conservatives

Alan Birch, Liberal Democrats

Brian Browne, Labour

Andrea Charlton, Conservatives

Jessie Jenkins, Green Party

Mandy Sanders, Green Party

Jeffrey Stephenson, Liberal Democrats

Charmaine Wood, no party disclosed

Glen Ward, two candidates elected:

Donna Barnett, Liberal Democrats

Mark Dilkes, Liberal Democrats

James Hallam, Conservatives,

Rani Mahal, Conservatives

Matthew Norton, Green Party

Stephen Rankine, Green Party

Kibworths Ward, three candidates elected:

Elaine Carter, Labour

Erika Cudworth, Green Party

Chris Graves, Liberal Democrats

Robin Hollick, Conservatives

Debbie James, Green Party

Phil King, Conservatives

James Lindsay, Liberal Democrats

Brian Thompson, Green Party

Carol Weaver, Liberal Democrats

Simon Whelband, Conservatives

Lubenham, one candidate elected:

Jo Asher, Liberal Democrats

Paul Bremner, Conservatives

Phil Harding, Green Party

Lutterworth East Ward, two candidates elected:

David Gair, Labour

Edward Macintrye, Labour

Mary Morgan, Liberal Democrats

Bill Piper, Reform UK

Martin Sarfas, Liberal Democrats

Laurence Sharma, Conservatives

Douglas Taylor, Green Party

Lutterworth West Ward, two candidates elected:

Paul Beadle, Labour

Sue Graves, Liberal Democrats

Jim Knight, Labour

Carol Mayne, Liberal Democrats

Carl Tiivas, Green Party

Annette Willcox, Conservatives

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Market Harborough Little Bowden Ward, two candidates elected:

Carlos Bilbao Elguezabal, Green Party

Clare Bottle, Independent

Peter Critchley, Conservatives

Stuart Finan, Liberal Democrats

Peter James, Liberal Democrats .

Daniella Orsini, Green Party

David Page, Conservatives

Maria Panter, Labour

Peter Whalen, Labour

Market Harborough Logan Ward, two candidates elected:

Robin Cutsford, Conservatives

Barbara Johnson, Liberal Democrats

Robin Lambert, Independent

Louise Phipps, Labour

Simon Shepley, Green Party

Sophie Smith, Conservatives

Rosemary Watson, Labour

Geraldine Whitmore, Liberal Democrats

Jennifer Wroath, Green Party

Market Harborough Welland Ward, three candidates elected:

Angela Brown, Labour

Jo Chambers, Liberal Democrats

Roger Dunton, Liberal Democrats

Rose Forman, Green Party

Paul Gray, Labour

Corinne Green, Conservatives

Marion Lewis, Liberal Democrats

Francesca Mchugo, Conservatives

Mark Panter, Labour

Aiden Perks, Conservatives

Lynne Taylor, Green Party

Darren Woodiwiss, Green Party

Market Harborough Great Bowden & Arden Ward, two candidates elected:

Buddy Anderson, Liberal Democrats

Richard Ansell, Green Party

Barry Champion, Conservatives

Charles Hawes, Conservatives

Phil Knowles, Liberal Democrats

Mary Morgan, Green Party

Andy Thomas, Labour

David Wenn, Labour

Misterton, one candidate elected:

Jonathan Bateman, Conservatives

Jonathan Hopkins, Green Party

Liz Marsh, Labour Party

Stephen Walkley, Liberal Democrats

Nevill, one candidate elected:

Philip Kaufman, Liberal Democrats

Suzanne Lloyd, Green Party

Micheal Rickman, Conservatives

Thurnby and Houghton, three candidates elected:

Amanda Burrell, Liberal Democrats

Peter Elliott, Liberal Democrats

Simon Galton, Liberal Democrats

Ruby Gill, Conservatives

Martin Gower, Green Party

Carol Hopkinson, Labour

Zaheer Joossab, Conservatives

Ahmad Khwaja, Labour

Nic Olsen, Conservatives

Matt Smith, Labour

Melanie Wakley, Green Party

Ullesthorpe, one candidate elected:

John Gurnett, Liberal Democrats

Iain Millington, Labour

Sarah Nimmo, Green Party

Rosita Page, Conservatives