Police smash car window in Harborough to rescue a distressed dog trapped in a hot car

Police said that fortunately the dog is recovering well from their frightening ordeal

By Red Williams
Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 11:36 am

Police were forced to smash a car’s windows in Market Harborough yesterday (Tuesday) to dramatically rescue a “distressed” terrier dog as temperatures hit 24C (75F).

Officers acted after they were alerted by a worried member of the public who had spotted the poor dog “panting heavily” inside the parked vehicle on the High Street.

The struggling dog was treated and checked over by a local vet before police spoke to the pet’s owner about the incident – and said they would be reporting it to the RSPCA.

Police were forced to smash a car window in Market Harborough today (Tuesday) to dramatically rescue a distressed dog as temperatures hit 24C (75F).

“Two windows of the car were reported to be part open and a bowl of water was inside the vehicle.

“But due to the hot weather, the dog was reported to be panting heavily,” said Leicestershire Police.

“Officers attended and were unable to locate the driver of the car.

“Due to concern for the dog which was reported to be distressed, officers smashed the window of the car and removed the dog from the vehicle.

“Water was given to the dog and a wet towel placed over the dog which was then taken to a local vet for examination.

“The dog was reported to have a higher temperature than normal but was safe and well.

“The driver returned to the car where officers explained the reason for smashing the window of the car and advice was given.

“The driver was advised that details of the incident would be passed to the RSPCA.”

Both the police and the RSPCA are urging owners never to leave a dog inside a car on a hot day.

They are issuing the warning as the weather is set to remain hot and sunny across Harborough over the next fortnight at least – with the thermometer poised to hit 28C (82F) on Sunday.