Were YOU born in Lutterworth between 1945 and 1955? Then get in touch

Lutterworth town centreLutterworth town centre
Lutterworth town centre
If you were born in Lutterworth between 1945 and 1955, then the mayor of Lutterworth wants you.

Cllr Tony Hirons is looking for as many ‘Old Lutterworthians’ born in the post-war ‘40s and ‘50s baby boom to get in touch.

Excited Tony said: “I would love to talk to people born in that key 10-year stretch from 1945-1955 and brought up in Lutterworth.

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“Please come forward with your thoughts and vivid reminiscences of Lutterworth of yesteryear.”

He’s launching his one-man mission as he sets out to write a book called “Lutterworth Memories 1950-1980 – as seen through the eyes of the people who were there!”

“I’m appealing to people who lived and were educated here in Lutterworth during that time to come forward,” said Tony.

He’s urging locals to jot down a few sentences about the following:

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- Your schooldays (Sherrier, Secondary Modern, The Grammar School and Sunday School)

- Working in Lutterworth

- Leisure Activities (Guides, Scouts, Boy’s Club, Rugger Club etc )

- Shops and shopping

- Pubs and cafes

- Special events such as Feast Week and Carnival, the fire at Hotpoint, the building of Greenacres, the Great Central Railway.

“Lutterworth has changed enormously over the last few years and will continue to do so,” said Tony.

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“I hope that through this project we can preserve the memory of the brilliant small market town that Lutterworth once was.”

If you can help Tony’s personal quest and would like to support his Lutterworth crusade then please send your memories to him at: [email protected]

“Or you can write down your memories and drop them off in the Town Council office on Coventry Road, Lutterworth,” said Tony.

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