Three police officers help deliver a Christmas baby boy near Harborough

“This was a career first for all three of us," they said

Thursday, 30th December 2021, 11:57 am
Updated Thursday, 30th December 2021, 12:01 pm
PC Ryan Holden, PC Steve Winn and PC James Day

Three police officers are being saluted today after they helped to deliver a Christmas baby boy near Market Harborough.

PC Ryan Holden, PC Steve Winn and PC James Day celebrated an exciting “career first” as they raced to take care of new mum Jade and her newborn baby Freddie minutes after his dramatic entry the world.

Thrilled Jade today said she can’t “thank the officers enough for their help” after she gave birth to her first child.

PC Ryan Holden, PC Steve Winn and PC James Day

The astonishing drama happened on Monday afternoon (December 27).

PC Holden was flagged down by Jade’s partner Sam who said his baby had just been born and he urgently needed some assistance.

The policeman immediately called for support.

And he was quickly joined at the couple’s home just outside Market Harborough by fellow Harborough officers PC Winn and PC Day.

The three officers took control of a phone conversation with the East Midlands Ambulance Service dispatcher as they dashed into action.

And after being given medical advice, PC Holden, PC Winn and PC Day were able to tie off the infant’s umbilical cord and make sure that there was no excessive bleeding.

The three bobbies then used their “own life skills and experience” to wrap up healthy baby Freddie in blankets to keep him warm.

The resourceful officers also united to support stunned mum Jade, who was in “some shock”, by keeping her warm and comfortable and “encouraging her to keep calm”.

An ambulance crew quickly pitched up at the family’s house and the policemen left them to take over looking after Jade and Freddie.

PC Holden said: “This was a career first for all three of us.

“It certainly wasn’t what we expected to be dealing with when we started the shift that day.

“But we were pleased we were able to help this young family with the arrival of their first child.”

He said they were so touched by the late Christmas drama that the big-hearted officers later went back to see the delighted family bearing gifts.

“We returned to the house to provide the new family with some flowers and a card and it’s brilliant to hear that Jade, Sam and baby Freddie are all doing well,” said PC Holden.

Overjoyed mum Jade said: “I am very proud of Sam and how he brought Freddie into the world before running outside and flagging down the first officer who came to help.

“It’s lovely that we are able to be a part of such a good and positive news story and I can’t thank the officers enough for their help.”