Shocked shopper in Harborough finds gold ring inside cabbage

A woman who bought a Savoy cabbage from a shop in Market Harborough was stunned when a gold ring fell out.

Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 1:46 pm
Updated Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 1:47 pm
A woman who bought a Savoy cabbage from a shop in Market Harborough was stunned when a gold ring fell out.

The bemused shopper took the beautiful piece of jewellery – thought to be a wedding band – back to Farndon Fields Farm Shop.

The multiple award-winning shop on Harborough’s Farndon Road is now battling to reunite the elegant ring with its owner.

A spokeswoman for the popular farm shop said: “It’s certainly a story with a difference and it’s got both our staff and customers talking about it!

“We’ve had people leave purses and bags behind here at the farm shop before.

“But we’ve never had someone leave a gold ring in a Savoy cabbage – this is a first.”

She said the local woman called them on December 7 to say she’d found the ring after visiting the shop.

“The ring dropped out as she prepared the cabbage – it was obviously a real surprise for her.

“She brought it back here and we’ve been trying to track down the owner ever since,” said the spokeswoman for the shop, which celebrates 35 years this year.

“It’s quite small but chunky at the same time.

“So it could be either a man’s or a lady’s ring.

“There are no engravings on it.

“We think it’s a striking gold wedding band.

“It must have a lot of sentimental and emotional value for someone so it’s a real shame that it’s gone missing.”

She said they had checked with their farm team to make sure a worker hadn’t freakishly lost the ring while out working in the fields.

“It’s not one of theirs.

“We can only think that it’s worked its way loose and slipped off someone’s finger here without them realising in the shop,” said the spokeswoman.

“Three or four people have come forward to say it might be theirs but it hasn’t been so the search goes on.”

The farm shop has issued an SoS on social media and so far 560 people have shared the appeal on Facebook while it’s also up on Instagram.

“We are just hoping that the owner is alerted after reading about this on social media or in the Harborough Mail,” said the spokeswoman.

“We’d love to be able to hand this lovely ring back to them and we’re all hoping for a happy ending.

“So if you think this gold ring belongs to you please give us a call on 01858 464838.”