Radio drama about friendship across generations to be played on Harborough FM from tomorrow (Thursday)

Henry DawesHenry Dawes
Henry Dawes
The writer was inspired by two elderly people he went on to form strong friendships with.

A new radio drama penned by a local author and writer will be played on Harborough FM.

From tomorrow (Thursday) the three-part series will be played on the local radio station every Thursday at 7.15pm.

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Henry Dawe said he wrote the drama The Autumn of my Years after being inspired by two elderly people he went on to form strong friendships with. He said it is a story about friendship across generations in a bid to tackle loneliness.

Henry told the Mail: “I met a lady in her late fifties queuing for returns at the theatre in 2009 and we became great friends. I also used to visit my neighbour in Uppingham, Ione Roseveare, a former Bletchley Park codebreaker, when she was in her eighties.

“These two connections – as well as others formed locally over the years – had a profound and lasting effect on me. I was sure that there was a message to convey about inter-generational friendship and tackling loneliness. I felt that a radio play would be a good way of trying to achieve that.

“The play aims to show that age difference does not need to be a barrier to friendship; that elderly people should keep getting out and about if they can, as they never know who they might meet; that their mood and outlook can be improved if young people show an interest in them; and that young people can derive pleasure from befriending the elderly.

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“The story is intended to be touching and poignant but with a strong thread of comic dialogue through the warm humour of the principal characters.”

Henry recorded the play with a professional cast and director in London last year and took the part of the young man who befriends the elderly lady.

Henry added: “I am very pleased that this play is also going to have an outing locally. I hope that listeners will enjoy the piece and identify with the messages which it aims to put across.”

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