New charity launched in Market Harborough to combat growing problem of hygiene poverty

A new charity has been launched in Market Harborough and the surrounding area to combat the growing problem of hygiene poverty
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Judy Rowley has set up Market Harborough Hygiene Bank to confront the fast-escalating issue affecting hundreds of people across the area.

And she has spoken about her vital new community venture during National Hygiene Week to help highlight and showcase her public-spirited campaign.

“We are all living during a very difficult time when it’s becoming harder and harder to get by day to day.

“More people are losing their jobs and as a result have a lot less money to spend,” said Judy, who lives in Market Harborough.

“I work as a volunteer at the Jubilee Foodbank here in the town so I see how many people are struggling to buy the basics.

“And I see that an increasing number of people are not just short of food.

“They are also struggling to buy crucial hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste and nappies.

“It’s more critical than ever to wash our hands and stay clean during this Covid-19 pandemic.

“So I am appealing to everyone out there to get behind us all the way and donate what ever you can afford to our special collection points to support people less well off than ourselves.”

She said they have already recruited five hard-working volunteers but are hoping to persuade more people to join their team.

“Please look out for us on our social media sites.

“It’s not acceptable in 2020 that some people cannot afford to buy basic hygiene essentials,” said Judy, whose group is part of a national network.

“It is so important both psychologically as well as physically to have a wash, enjoy a shower or a bath and stay fresh and clean.

“I’d also like to say a heartfelt big thank-you to all the kind people from Harborough who have already made so many donations to get us to a great start.”

You can donate items and goods at Boots the chemist’s in St Mary’s Place, the Co-Op on Coventry Road, both Market Harborough, and nearby villages such as Clipston and Braybrooke.

If you would like to help out and find out more you can email Judy at:

You can also check out the hygiene bank’s new Facebook page at: