Market Harborough entrepreneur gets behind local charity fighting poverty and domestic abuse

A trailblazing Market Harborough entrepreneur is getting behind a high-profile local charity fighting poverty and domestic abuse
Julie Colan.Julie Colan.
Julie Colan.

Julie Colan, 41, is vowing to do all she can to support the Leicester-based Zinthiya Trust as it battles deeply-embedded “period poverty” across Leicestershire.

The successful businesswoman, who has created the unique best-selling pelvic floor kit for women, is now going to hand over 100 menstrual cups to the charity.

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“I’m hoping to visit the Zinthiya Trust in Leicester in the next fortnight or so to do this.

“But, of course, it all depends on if, how and when the Covid-19 lockdown situation changes,” Julie told the Harborough Mail.

“This is a fabulous charity which does so much fantastic, absolutely vital work to help hundreds if not thousands of women all over our area.

“For every menstrual or period cup I sell I will donate one to this brilliant good cause.

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“Very few of us have any idea just how many women suffer terrible period poverty in Harborough and Leicestershire alone, never mind throughout the UK.

“This is simply unacceptable in this day and age.

“And I will do all I can to help combat this extremely serious issue for the good of women everywhere.”

Launching a personal mission that’s very close to her heart, the mum-of-two said one menstrual cup will last an astonishing 10 years.

“It’s environmentally-friendly and it will save hard-up women no end of money on sanitary health products over an entire decade.

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“So many women across a wide age-range are suffering that it’s just untrue,” said Julie, of Northleigh Grove, Market Harborough.

“You wouldn’t believe how many girls and women cannot afford tampons or other safe, suitable products.

“Some are even having to use rags to do the job instead.

“We are going back to the Dark Ages for goodness sake – how can this still be happening in Britain in 2020?

“This sort of issue is obviously unpleasant and uncomfortable as well as embarrassing – your very dignity, self-respect and self-confidence are all at stake here.

“This problem is growing too.

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“It’s only got worse during this devastating year when so many people have lost their jobs and are seriously short of money.

“Domestic abuse has also gone up sharply during this lockdown.

“So I will continue to do what ever I can to back the Zinthiya Trust and help to raise awareness of very serious issues such as period poverty and domestic abuse.”

Based on Bishop Street, Leicester, the Zinthiya Trust says it aims to:

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Provide one to one support to women fleeing abuse and honour-based violence

Break the cycle of poverty

Prevent illness associated with cold homes

Improve employability

Cut food poverty and food waste

Increase wellbeing, attendance & reduce bullying at school

Support people in crisis with emergency support and welfare provision.

You can check out the Zinthiya Trust by visiting their website here: