Harborough singers wow crowds with dazzling performance in Hungary's capital

Harborough Singers dazzle in St Stephen's Basilica.Harborough Singers dazzle in St Stephen's Basilica.
Harborough Singers dazzle in St Stephen's Basilica.
Harborough Singers struck a chord with audiences in Hungary after they took their latest performance on the road.

The choir performed in Budapest’s Matthias Church, described by the group as ‘a fairy-tale icing sugar confection’, overlooking the River Danube and other prestigious landmarks.

The country is where the group – formed in 1978 – first represented England in an international choral competition.

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The group gained much popularity among the crowds and visitors to the East European country, during their series of concerts in the capital.

Chairman Tim Blades said: “We were overwhelmed by our reception. Strangely, it all started before we’d sung a note, when a member of the choir overheard people on a bus talking about ‘the singers’ choir’ doing concerts this week and which one they were going to. After that, it just seemed to snowball. Once we’d begun performing, people from all over the world − Germany, Italy, Canada, India, Bulgaria, South Africa, England, Australia − kept coming up to us to tell us how much they’d enjoyed our singing.

“Some folk from Malta even managed to recognise one of our tenors as ‘A Harborough Singer’ when he was enjoying one of Budapest’s famous thermal baths and wearing only swimming trunks! They had been thrilled by our performance in the basilica and wanted to invite us to visit Malta.”

One audience member praised the choir for lifting her spirits.

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Tim added: “It’s lovely to bring people joy, but it is undoubtedly most moving to learn that you have made a difference to one person who was perhaps struggling, or in a dark place. One woman, who was particularly interested in ‘O Love’, a piece by the American Composer Elaine Hagenberg, told us that she had been feeling very low on entering the church but was leaving ‘absolutely uplifted’ because of our singing. A comment like that is like a warm hug for all of us.”

The choir can next be seen back on home soil in Fotheringhay, Northamptonshire, on Saturday June 29 for ‘An Evening of Summer Song’. Bubbles and strawberries will be on offer.

Visit www.harboroughsingers.com for more details and tickets.

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