Four kids, two jobs and now a new book! How a new Harborough author is juggling her new life as an author - and loving it

After starting in 2019, Emma Ollin is already working on her sixth book

Wednesday, 3rd November 2021, 5:02 pm
Emma Ollin has juggled looking after four children as well as doing two demanding jobs to write her first book.

A dynamo mum from Market Harborough has juggled looking after four children as well as doing two demanding jobs to write her first book.

Emma Ollin, 31, is almost lost for words after knocking out 67,000 words in just eight weeks to write Spontaneously Reckless, an action-packed full-blooded romance.

And she’s wasted no time since as her sequel Spontaneously Torn is currently being edited as well and she’s already amazingly working on her sixth book.

Emma Ollin with her children

Emma told the Harborough Mail: “I can’t believe it.

“I’m very excited because this has all just come out of the blue.

“I never even studied English GCSE or liked writing at school – and now I’m a published author!

“I’ve almost got to pinch myself at times to tell myself that this is all really happening.”

Emma Ollin with her husband Jason

Launching her highly-motivated venture, Emma put pen to paper writing Spontaneously Reckless – focusing on a “brunette beauty” called Freya Bell – in January 2019.

She signed a contract with her publisher Pegasus Books in August 2020 – and her 271-page book finally hit the bookshelves on July 29 this year.

“It took all that time to get the book edited and ready to be published.

“I’d already put it on Amazon myself,” said Emma, who works part-time at a pre-school in Little Bowden and at the Three Swans hotel in Market Harborough.

“Spontaneously Reckless is all about 26-year-old Freya Bell and it’s an 18-rated erotic romance.

“She’s a fantastic free spirit who embarks on a very emotional, passionate, often stormy, journey with four gorgeous men.

“A lot of my friends and family, including my mum, have read it and adored the book.

“Spontaneously Reckless has had a lot of excellent reviews – and you can now buy it in our top bookshops in Market Harborough, Waterstones and WH Smith.

“I actually went into Waterstones on my sister’s birthday in September – and there was my book sitting on the shelves.

“I just burst into tears on the spot – they were tears of emotion and real joy.

“It was surreal.

“There was a real scene as the staff came over to me, people took pictures and I was asked to sign a copy,” smiled Emma.

“It’s unreal to think my book is selling alongside works by the best authors and writers anywhere in the world.

“I’m working flat out all day, it’s non-stop.

“So I start tapping away on the old laptop at about 8pm every night.

“I’ll be weaving away head down with my headphones on until about 11.30 because that’s the only free time I get,” said Emma.

“I haven’t half got my hands full with four children, two jobs and my husband doing a tough stressful job at the jail.

“So I’ve become addicted to writing.

“Even as a writer it’s almost impossible to put into words how good it makes me feel and what a terrific high it gives me. I just love it.

“Writing makes you work so hard – I never know where it’s going to lead me and it takes so much imagination and energy.

“But it’s my day-to-day escape now.

“I’ve set off on a crazy new adventure, a massive mission, and it’s going to be exhilarating and intriguing to see where it takes me!”

And you can find out a lot more by checking out Emma’s highly-rated breakthrough book Spontaneously Reckless here: