Dementia Harborough receives a £3,000 boost from a local company

Peter Hirst, chairman of Dementia Harborough, said: “This very kind donation will be invaluable"
Claire Coppin from NFU MutualClaire Coppin from NFU Mutual
Claire Coppin from NFU Mutual

A vital Harborough charity has received a massive £3,000 boost from a local company.

Dementia Harborough is delighted after being handed £3,164 by insurance firm NFU Mutual.

Peter Hirst, chairman of Dementia Harborough, said: “This very kind donation will be invaluable.

“We don’t have any fixed costs as such and we are all volunteers.

“But this cash will give us the confidence to buy gifts for our members and we are very thankful to the people at NFU Mutual.”

He said they have about 50 people who attend a special monthly dementia café at the Congregational Church.

“We also run a popular Singing for Memories group as well.

“We have about a dozen volunteers and seven trustees, who make us tick.

“We have obviously had to cancel all our regular activities and planned trips due to the coronavirus lockdown,” said Peter, whose charity was launched in 2011.

“But we are keeping in regular touch with our members and making sure that they are all OK.

“We are also going to buy jigsaw puzzles and quiz and puzzle books for members and their families and carers.”

Claire Coppin, who works with private clients and small businesses for NFU Mutual across Harborough, helped to set up the donation.

“The company set aside £1million to support charities and good causes struggling in the current crisis.

“We have supported Dementia Harborough through events such as coffee mornings in the past,” said Claire.

“We filled out a form presenting our case to get behind the charity and it was approved.

“We are delighted to support a fantastic local charity who do so much good work.

“They are clearly not able to do any fundraising in this tough time and none of us know when we’ll get back to normal.

“So this cash will be a lifesaver for them in the short term.

“It will be massive, both for helping to support people with dementia as well as their carers.”

If you would like to find out more about Dementia Harborough then please visit their website here: