Caring Harborough youngster helps those in need for school project

The 11-year-old collected over 100 items for the Jubilee Foodbank
Henry's collection fills foodbank trustee Tony Barratt's boot to the brim.Henry's collection fills foodbank trustee Tony Barratt's boot to the brim.
Henry's collection fills foodbank trustee Tony Barratt's boot to the brim.

A caring Harborough youngster chose to collect foodbank items as part of his school project.

Harborough Church of England pupil Henry collected 125 items for Jubilee Foodbank when he was tasked with the Year 6 project on ‘The Last Supper’.

The project theme was ‘A Meal that Matters’, leaving the school pupils to interpret the task however they liked.

Proud Henry with his 125-strong foodbank haul.Proud Henry with his 125-strong foodbank haul.
Proud Henry with his 125-strong foodbank haul.

And the 11-year-old decided to set up a collection of food for the Jubilee Foodbank.

He got to work, writing letters to his family, friends and neighbours detailing what he was doing and why.

Just a week later, Henry was laden with food items to help people in need.

He said: “I was so surprised by how much food people gave me! I’m glad I’ve been able to help the Jubilee Food Bank, they help so many people in Market Harborough every month.”

Foodbank trustee Tony Barratt collected the food which filled his car boot to the brim.

Henry’s mum Gemma told Tony: “We are all so proud of Henry. He wrote letters which he gave to family, friends and neighbours telling them what he was doing. He has helped to raise awareness of the Jubilee food bank and the fantastic work they do in our community.”

The team working in the background at Jubilee Foodbank were overjoyed to receive Henry’s donations especially since, they say, it is a much quieter period for donations.

Between the months of March and September, the foodbank team says donations go down due to holidays and busy lives taking priority.

The foodbank has also seen an increase in referrals in the first three months of the year which is in line with the changes in household price increases. While the team received a bumper level of donations during the festive period, they say this is being used up at record levels as the number of those in need has risen.

Foodbank team member Emma Gavin is urging residents to donate if they are able.

She said: “When you’re heading out to shop or in the supermarket, add just one item to your trolley or basket for those in need of help and drop it in the collection point as you leave. You never know if you might need a parcel in the future so pay it forward for another family now!”

There are nine donation points around the town. They are:

  • Spar shop on Coventry Road
  • The Village on St Mary’s Road (also the home of the Community Fridge)
  • Co-Op on Coventry Road
  • Co-Op on Leicester Road
  • B&M on Rockingham Road
  • Sainsbury’s Supermarket
  • Waitrose Supermarket
  • Henderson Connellon on High Street
  • Everyone Active at the Leisure Centre

And the items at the top of their shopping list include tinned peas, sweetcorn, fruit and corned beef, along with jam and marmalade.

The foodbank team is happy to collect larger donation hauls, from a workplace for example, with prior arrangement.

Visit the foodbank website for more details on how to donate or if you are in need of food.

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