Pensioner lost £3,200 after her purse was stolen in Market Harborough

Waitrose in Market HarboroughWaitrose in Market Harborough
Waitrose in Market Harborough
Three people stole £3,200 from a pensioner's bank account, after a distraction theft in the centre of Market Harborough.

The distraction gang approached their 83-year-old female victim in the car park of the town’s Waitrose store, where she’d been shopping.

As two of them – a man and a woman – held her attention by asking for directions to the nearest hospital, a third thief, a man, stole the woman’s purse from a bag she had put in the boot of her car.

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Within 30 minutes of the theft, which was just after 2pm on Wednesday, November 14, £500 had been withdrawn from the woman’s account and her credit card had been used to buy £2,700 worth of travellers' cheques.

The victim, from north Northamptonshire, was left badly shaken by what happened.

Police believe the thieves had watched the woman put her pin number in as she was paying for her groceries at the supermarket.

They then followed her back to her parked car, and distracted her as they stole her purse with the cards in.

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Witnesses or anyone with information should call Police on 101, quoting Crime Number 18-550-477.

Because many people use their debit and credit cards every day, they may be too casual about how they use them, experts say.

Remember to take care when entering your PIN number into a keypad.

Check that no one can see the numbers you are entering – cover the keypad with your free hand if necessary.When making a purchase, never let a store worker or anyone else enter your PIN number for you.

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Store your card in a safe place, and make a habit of regularly checking you still have your card.

Memorize your PIN number – do not write it on your card.

Do not give your PIN number to anyone over the phone or internet.

Remember no one needs to know your PIN number but you.