Comment from Harborough churches: ‘Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God’

Every week, the Harborough churches write for the Harborough Mail. This week, it is the turn of Phil Walter from Harborough Community Church.

Phil Walter is from Harborough Community Church.
Phil Walter is from Harborough Community Church.

“I’m covering my eyes so you can’t see me,” said the child playing hide and seek! What a cute childlike mistake.

I was listening to the radio recently and someone commented that they will not tune in to radio or TV news because they find it so depressing! Not hearing the latest regarding Ukraine, the Government’s response on various issues or any of the “bad news” items we hear may for a time make life easier, but it does not change what is happening in our world.

With so much going on that threatens the world’s peace and security, for many their hopes for the future have all but disappeared. If I was to ask you what you hope for, I guess it would include peace in our world, maybe specifically Ukraine, a personal hope regarding family, and for many that they will have enough money to pay bills and feed the family.

We individually and together can help to restore some hope through kind deeds, supportive actions and simply showing we care. Hope, however, can be whisked away in a moment as changes happen. But there is a hope that is secure.

The Bible tackles this head on and speaks about Christians being a light in the darkness, caring for the needy and bringing hope to the helpless. It also makes a clear and helpful distinction between the hope the world has, which is fleeting, and the sure and certain hope that is found in Jesus. A hope that says I am with you always, that speaks of a certainty of God-given peace, a hope that is

unchanging and based upon the love of God for each one of us.

Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch watchmaker who with other family members dedicated themselves to help many Jewish people escape from the Nazis during the Holocaust in World War II by hiding them in their home. They were caught, and she was arrested and sent to the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp.

Here was a woman who could easily have lost hope for her future – but she said: “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

I think this sums up what the Bible says about hope, it’s not a wishy washy promise from God but is firm and trustworthy. I suppose this leaves us with the question “where is my hope?” My prayer for our nation and indeed our world, is that the offer of a sure and steadfast hope that God offers us in Jesus will become a reality. May God bless you and guide you as you consider these things.

Phil Walter is from Harborough Community Church.