Comment by Harborough churches: Let us not lose what we have gained through the Covid experience - care, love and valuing others

Every week, the Harborough churches write for the Harborough Mail. This week it is the of Phil Walter is Minister of Harborough Community Church

Phil Walter, Minister of Harborough Community Church
Phil Walter, Minister of Harborough Community Church

Viewpoint by Phil Walter is Minister of Harborough Community Church

We wait with eager anticipation for June 21 when we hope many of the things we have missed this past year, can return to us with a sense of normality. I was watching England play recently on TV and it was a joy to see a few thousand people in the ground cheering on the team. This got me thinking about what life was like 18 months ago. We took so many things for granted then, which we have learned to value more since. So, are we to return to the “normal” of the past or can things be different, even better?

Whilst there have been many stresses and strains on everyday life during this time, some things have really touched our lives which we don’t want to lose. How much more we value now the NHS emergency services and many other organisations (many voluntary), who have given of themselves more than we could have asked of them. We must not lose that surely?

For many within families I hear of parents having spent more time with their children, benefitting them both. The lonely have seen neighbours and friends care more for them during this time. The importance of community has been highlighted so much and surely we don’t want to lose that?

We hope and pray that as communities in the future this past year or so will have shown us that each of us is of great worth and we can make a difference. It has not been easy for many families who have been unable to meet for some time, and this reveals clearly that we are relational beings and miss out when we cannot meet.

God also wants us to be in a relationship with him. One day as Jesus entered Jericho and crowds followed him, he saw a man hiding in a tree, on his own and not looking happy! His life as a tax collector made him unpopular and cheating people was part of his trade. Jesus called him down and as they talked, this man was offered a different way of life. As he began to follow Jesus his life changed. He gave back the money he had taken falsely, with interest! His life was different but so much better.

That is at the heart of the Christian message, whoever we are, whatever our background: being accepted into the family of God.

As the 21st nears and we anticipate the good things it will hopefully bring to us, let us not lose what we have gained through the Covid experience: care, love, valuing others, use of our time and much more. My prayer for the Harborough community is that we may also find God’s acceptance through faith and trust in Jesus who offers life to the full to all who follow him.

Keep safe, enjoy life as restrictions are lifted and may you know God’s blessing on you and your family.

By Phil Walter, Minister of Harborough Community Church