Lutterworth outdoor gym now open

It’s gym life, but not as you know it – this one is open to all and absolutely free.

Tuesday, 10th March 2015, 11:00 am
Lutterworth Mayor Cllr Philip Toye with town and district councillor Geraldine Robinson trying out the new gym equipment at Lutterworth's Recreation Ground in Coventry Road

A new outdoor gym has been installed at the Recreation Ground in Coventry Road, Lutterworth.

The gym was officially opened last month by Lutterworth Mayor Cllr Philip Toye, who then became one of the first people to try out the new facility.

He’s pictured above with Cllr Geraldine Robinson, the chairman of the Lutterworth Town Estates charity.

It was the charity that gifted eight pieces of outdoor gym equipment to the people of Lutterworth, at a cost of £15,500.

The charity has existed in Lutterworth since the 1400s.

Cllr Robinson explained: “We own property in the town which we rent out, and with the money that we get in from the rents, we then have money to give to good causes around Lutterworth.”

She said she hoped outdoor gyms like this one would help to tackle the nationwide problem of obesity.

“It’s a benefit for the whole town, including people who can’t afford the gym,” she explained.

Though the charity bought the gym equipment, it has now been “handed over” to Lutterworth Town Council, who will maintain it.

Lutterworth Town Council’s Alison Wood said: “I drive past the recreation ground every day, and you really do see all sorts of people using the new equipment.

“I’ve seen young people use it, school-run mums and I’ve even seen an elderly couple walk up to the equipment, put their bags down and give it a go.”

The equipment consists of an air skier, a combination seated chest press/pull down challenger, a double air walker, a double cross-country skier, a double rower, a hip twister, a seated leg press and a rider.

The opening ceremony was attended by trustees of the charity, town council members, the Harborough Active Together group, PC David Sharpe from Lutterworth police, Dr Vipul Masharani, representatives from Age Concern Lutterworth and District and a representative from the town’s One Stop Shop.

In our district, seven out of ten people are deemed too fat, according to the latest Public Health England report.

Some 45.5 per cent were classified as overweight and 24.9 per cent as obese.