Harborough village speed camera has caught 9,000 people

If you think average speed cameras catching 1,500 people in Walcote was surprising '“ wait until you hear about the speed camera just a little further along the A4304 in the Harborough district.

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 8:12 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 8:17 am
The speed camera in North Kilworth

The single speed camera in neighbouring North Kilworth has nabbed an amazing 9,051 people since 2010.

And as it was first installed in 1997, you’ll probably be able to at least double that number.

The information about the money-generating North Kilworth camera was revealed in a Freedom of Information (FOI) request from Market Harborough based PR consultant René Butler.

“Many drivers zoom along The A4304 Harborough/Lutterworth Road but reduce to a snail’s pace for the speed cameras” said René.

“It’s a bit of a charade, yet I am sure the residents of North Kilworth are glad of this particular camera - while the government will be delighted by the revenue it generates.

“I actually decided to put the FOI in as a family member received a notice from this camera - they were marginally over the speed limit - I wanted to see how many others had been caught.

“I’ve put in many FOIs over the years, especially when I worked as a local reporter, it’s a useful tool and sadly underused.”

The Mail estimates that “income” from the camera would be at least £350,000 in fines and awareness course payments since 2010 - and perhaps £600,000 since the camera was installed.

That doesn’t include fines from the 626 people who have been to court since 2010 for speeding, or all the court appearances from 1997-2010.

René said: “The FOI results show a fairly high number of notices issued. I am most surprised by how many people were offered speed awareness courses, suggesting a good amount were first time or infrequent offenders.”

North Kilworth parish council chairman John Green said: “The camera hasn’t made a noticeable difference to traffic speeds in the village. People speed through the village, slow down for the camera and speed up again.

“We really need average speed cameras like they’ve got in Walcote.”

In reply to René’s request for information about the North Kilworth speed camera, Leicestershire Police said a fixed camera had been in the village since June 27, 1997. But they said statistical information on the camera was only available after January 1, 2010.

They said 9,051 speeding notices had been issued since January 1, 2010.

- 3,736 have resulted in a driver awareness course, costing drivers £35 for most of the recorded period; £45 now.

- 2,450 offences resulted in a fixed penalty fine. That was £60 prior to August 15, 2013; £100 after that date.

- 626 offences resulted in a file being sent to court.

- 2,239 have either been discontinued, or are currently being processed.

Last week’s Mail carried a report that 1,500 people have so far been caught by the average speed cameras in the neighbouring village of Walcote.