Harborough father launches magic app to help youngsters improve their spelling

A lightbulb moment while helping his daughters to do their spelling homework has turned into a new business venture for Harborough dad Dave Shaw.
Dave ShawDave Shaw
Dave Shaw

Now the SpellWizards website and accompanying app are up and running and Dave wants to work more closely with local primary schools to help more schoolchildren.

The 45-year-old dad, who works in software development, founded SpellWizards in 2019 and has since launched the website and app for families and schools alike.

Dave said: “I changed my hours at work in 2019 to fit around my daughters’ education and it was while helping them to do their homework that I first had the idea for SpellWizards. I wanted to put my software skills to good use and not only help my own children but other families too.”

Aimed at 4-11-year-olds, SpellWizards is a spelling game that uses Key Stage 1 and 2 words from the UK National Curriculum.

Dave adds: “SpellWizards really came into its own during the pandemic when more and more families were looking for ways to support their child at home. I’ve had some fantastic feedback from parents and have further evolved SpellWizards to meet the needs of both families and teachers to further support learning.”

Now Dave is keen to work more closely with local primary schools to show how SpellWizards can support in-classroom learning, as well as families from across the Harborough district in the run-up to this year’s National Curriculum tests.

SpellWizards can be accessed online at SpellWizards.co.uk or via Apple App Store. To contact Dave, email [email protected]