Good Samaritan who helped injured people in serious crash is urging drivers to be careful at 'dangerous' stretch of road near Lutterworth

Despite smoke streaming out of the engine, he stayed with the injured people to make sure they were OK

By Red Williams
Wednesday, 3rd February 2021, 10:53 am

Drivers are being implored to slow down on a “dangerous” stretch of country road near Lutterworth after a serious crash at the spot of a fatal accident.

The call to be extra vigilant is being made by Tony Hilton, 55, after the Good Samaritan was first at the scene of the single-vehicle crash on Ullesthorpe Road, Bitteswell.

“I couldn’t believe it when I drove around the bend there and spotted a car lying on its side in a ditch.

Tony Hilton was the first person at the scene when the car crashed. He stayed with the injured people to make sure they were OK.

“Smoke was streaming out of the engine.

“I immediately visualised two dead people lying there in the overturned car,” said Tony.

“And this is just the latest of a number of crashes there.

“In fact, when it came off the road this car wiped out a shrine of crosses and flowers laid there to remember a young man killed at that exact spot in December 2019.”

Recalling the drama of the crash between Bitteswell and Ullesthorpe just before 8pm on Saturday night (January 30), the fire and security engineer said: “There was a man and a woman trapped inside the car as it tottered on its side.

“I panicked a little bit wondering if I might need the fire extinguisher in my van because I did fear that the car could explode into flames at any minute.

“I rang 999 to alert the fire brigade and police and I talked to the driver and passenger to try to keep them calm.

“They were both in their 40s and from Lutterworth.

“The woman was drifting in and out of consciousness before she finally blacked out.

“She complained of stomach problems and felt sick and her leg was trapped,” said Tony, who runs Hilton Integrated Security Ltd, based at nearby Elms Farm industrial estate.

“It was very scary for all of us.

“The firemen turned up after what seemed like an age but obviously wasn’t to rescue the people from the car.

“It’s sad that they were injured but this could have been even worse.

“A van driver in his 20s was killed there after a collision with a truck in December 2019.

“I’ve been driving along this stretch of road for 10 years and it’s a bit of a blackspot.

“We’ve had other accidents there and other local people feel too that this should be looked at by the highways authorities.

“But drivers have a big responsibility too.

“You’ve got to slow down before the bend and drive to the conditions.

“It’s a dark unlit road and not to be taken lightly,” said Tony, a dad-of-one.

“So I’d urge drivers – please be extra careful.

“You don’t want to be the next people to be injured or even killed along there.”

The man and woman injured in Saturday night’s smash were “extricated” by firefighters.

They were rushed to University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire with “non-life changing injuries” by ambulance.

Firefighters from Lutterworth and Hinckley were at the scene for almost an hour while police shut the road for almost two hours.