FLOOD ALERTS: River near Market Harborough could overflow after heavy rain

A river near Market Harborough is at risk of flooding due to the heavy rain overnight, the Environment Agency has warned.

Wednesday, 9th March 2016, 10:08 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th March 2016, 10:16 am
A series of flood alerts have been issued for rivers in Northamptonshire Pic from Flood Alerts

Three flood alerts have been issued for rivers in Northamptonshire, affecting residents in the east and north of the county.

The Environment Agency weather warning states rising river levels have already caused flooding of low lying land and roads in Northamptonshire, and due to the “deteriorating weather conditions” access to Cogenhoe is expected to be affected.

Flood alerts have also been issued for the Middle Nene in Thrapston and the River Ise in Kettering and Clipston, near Market Harborough.

The River Ise warning states that low lying land is expected to be affected first by flooding.