Local children learn about food waste thanks Market Harborough's The Village

Children were taught that pumpkins can be eaten and not just for decoration.
Patricia Pumpkin at South Kilworth Primary SchoolPatricia Pumpkin at South Kilworth Primary School
Patricia Pumpkin at South Kilworth Primary School

Hundreds of Harborough pupils have learnt about food waste after a surprise visit from ‘Patricia Pumpkin’.

The character visited six schools on behalf of Market Harborough’s The Village – formally the Eco Village.

She taught 900 children ways to use their pumpkins following Halloween, to stop them ending up on the bin.

Assemblies were held at Meadowdale Primary School, Ridgeway Primary Academy, Little Bowden Primary School, Market Harborough C of E Academy, Welford Sibbertoft & Sulby Endowed Primary School, and South Kilworth Primary School.

Nick Bradley from Market Harborough C of E Academy said, “A massive thank you to ‘Patricia Pumpkin’ for a fabulously engaging assembly that got the children to think about how they could use their pumpkins, rather than them going in the bin.

"It was great for the children to learn pumpkin waste is down from last year and that every little change they make has a big impact. The children loved seeing Patricia and got really stuck into the ‘not in the bin’ chant.”

Funding for the assemblies was given to The Village from environmental charity Hubbub.

Beth Lambert, co-owner of The Village said “We were delighted to receive funding from Hubbub for the second year running to enable us to visit these schools and share all the wonderful ways to eat your pumpkin, reduce food waste and to get kids involved in these important matters about being resourceful.

"Feedback we’ve received from the schools has been great and we’re grateful to Patricia Pumpkin for putting on such fun and informative assemblies.”