Shocked drivers had eggs hurled at their cars as they drove through Market Harborough

They hit a number of vehicles before running off when police arrived on the scene

Shocked drivers had eggs hurled at their cars as they drove through Market Harborough.

The youths hit a string of vehicles between 6.45pm and 10pm on Sunday night (November 29) on the town’s High Street, Church Square and Welland Park Road.

They ran off when police raced into the area after the alarm was raised.

One of the cars that was hit by eggs.

A Leicestershire Police spokeswoman said: “Shortly before 6.45pm yesterday (Sunday) a report was received that youths were throwing eggs at cars in High Street.

“Just after 8pm, a further report was received that eggs were being thrown in Church Square and another report was made of a similar incident in Welland Park Road shortly before 10pm.

“Officers were deployed and carried out a search of the area.

“The youths were identified but made off on foot.”

Anyone with information or dashcam footage of the trouble is being urged to contact police.

You can pass on information by visiting or calling 101.