Brits unfamiliar with UK scenery

Wareham, DorsetWareham, Dorset
Wareham, Dorset
Despite being home to some of the world's most beautiful scenery, people in the UK are unaware of some of the most stunning locations throughout the rest of the country.

Britons were consistently unable to spot views from around the United Kingdom with more than one in three failing to recognise Wareham in Dorset.

Almost a third thought the image was Crete in Greece and 11 per cent thought it was Gdynia, Poland.

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Brits may be more familiar with France as the survey found that it was the most popular country for a driving holiday - although just next door, the Netherlands was least-visited. However, they may be more likely to make a return visit to the USA or Canada - with New York’s Times Square the second most underrated tourist attraction in the world - coming just behind Niagra Falls in the poll.

Other data from the survey by Rental Cars found that 31 per cent of motorists exceed the speed limit when abroad, while 27 per cent of UK motorists have driven on the wrong side of the road whilst abroad.

And almost one in ten said they have put the wrong type of petrol in their car when abroad.