Karen Wright: A wonderful trip to Italy filled with great food and views

My holiday in Italy was incredible!My holiday in Italy was incredible!
My holiday in Italy was incredible!
My coach holiday to the Dolomites in Italy was fabulous. Although the journey to our destination was long, it was also enjoyable.

I find when you are in that kind of situation, when you are grouped together with complete strangers, people bond quickly and make friends.

There were thirty-one of us on our coach and we were a great group. We travelled down to Dover and caught a ferry over to France.

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From there we travelled into Belgium for an overnight stop. Suitably rested the next day we continued through Germany and Austria and finally into Italy.

The weather that day was atrocious, heavy rain and of course we arrived at our hotel in Molveno in the dark, so we had no clue about the landscape around the hotel.

We were allocated a room with both a balcony and a view. The skies were blue with not a cloud in sight and the mountains were towering above the lake right in front of our room.

Down to breakfast and I was overjoyed at the selection. Expecting just continental fare ,we were treated to a massive spread of hot and cold savoury food plus all manner of breads, pastries, fruits, yogurts, and astonishingly cakes!

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I discovered later into our stay that the chef made all the cakes himself and he came out to talk me through my favourite which was ‘torte mele’, which was a spiced apple cake.

We discovered that Trento region of Italy produces one fifth of the world’s apple harvest. Gorgeous red apples were in abundance on the trees everywhere, along with vineyards a plenty.

Every day we were blessed with the same clear skies. We visited a winery where we had such an enjoyable tasting session and of course I just had to buy a couple of bottles, it would have been rude not to! We also visited Lake Garda and had a great boat trip on the lake.

We enjoyed our lunch by the water side. I had pizza and my Mum had mussels in white wine which she said was delicious.

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The food in the hotel was authentic Italian and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was introduced to a new cocktail; Campari spritz which became my favourite tipple of the holiday. Now, where did I put that brochure, its time to book another trip!