MP hopes improve mobile phone signal as well as broadband reception in the Harborough area

People are being urged to back an in-depth survey on digital connectivity being carried out by Harborough MP Neil O’Brien.

Friday, 1st November 2019, 1:42 pm
Harborough MP Neil O'Brien
Harborough MP Neil O'Brien

Mr O’Brien is battling to improve the mobile phone signal as well as broadband reception across south Leicestershire.

The Conservative MP said he’s keen to get residents’ feedback before he reports back to local authorities and government.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has just unveiled a £1 billion deal with mobile operators to tackle ‘not-spots’ of poor connectivity.

Mr O’Brien said: “The government’s announcement is very welcome.

“I know many residents experience issues with poor signal across the constituency, and particularly in the villages.

“The government’s plans will see the leading operators investing £530 million into a shared rural network, focused on new and existing masts that would be shared between the different networks.”

He added: “Government will also be matching this with £500 million so we can eradicate these ‘not-spots’ and tackle the issues of poor connectivity across Harborough.

“I’d urge anyone who hasn’t completed my survey to do so by visiting my website:

“If a paper copy is required, please do call 01858 464146 to request this and we’d be happy to provide.”