Ways to keep warm and beat the cost of living

Here are some useful ways to keep warm (photo: adobe)Here are some useful ways to keep warm (photo: adobe)
Here are some useful ways to keep warm (photo: adobe)
Scott Evans owner of Pink Storage has revealed the best ways to keep your home warm this winter while sticking to a budget.

With energy prices increasing and the cold weather nearly upon us, there has never been a better time to keep costs low while still keeping warm.

Heating in our homes will account for the majority of household energy consumption and with that the majority of our bills. As many of us won't be able to afford to keep warm this winter, Scott has revealed how we can make our existing heating budget last a little longer.

Making the most of our existing energy

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While turning on the heating is expensive, many of us waste the heat in our homes as our insulation is poor. Heat can be lost through our windows and doors, especially if they are old and need replacing.

Scott says "Replacing your windows can improve the insulation in our homes but it's also a cost that we can't afford right now. Instead of replacing your windows, you can insulate them better by using bubble wrap."

"All you need to do is cut your bubble wrap to the size of your windows, add a little water to them and they will then stick. If you don't want to use bubble wrap you can use window insulation film but it is more expensive to buy."

Maximising the heat from your radiators

If you have no choice but to turn on the heating you will want to get the most out of your heating system. To make your heating at home more efficient Scott says "once you have turned your heating on check each radiator in your home, if you feel any cool spots it indicates there is air or gas trapped inside it. This gas will need to be removed to improve the efficiency of your radiators."

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"If you find cool spots, switch off your heating and bleed your radiators with a radiator key, if you don't have one you can purchase one from a hardware shop."

"You will need a towel and a bowl to bleed your radiators and you will know when your radiators are done when water starts spilling out of them. Do this for all of your radiators and your system will now use energy more efficiently."

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