These colours are back to brighten up our homes in 2022

Once the decorations are down and put away, many of us get the urge to create a fresh new look in the home.

Grey and neutral tones have dominated interiors for quite a while, but 2022 promises more colour, with greens, blues and purples all set to come back in a big way.

Different colours in the home can lift, invigorate, soothe and relax, or even make us more hungry, so think carefully before splashing the paint.

The Pantone colour of the year for 2022 is the brand new shade of Veri Peri, a vibrant blue-purple, described by experts as a “dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone.”

It was chosen to sum up a moment of ‘transition’ as we move into a world for ever changed by the pandemic.

Interior designer Rebecca Challinor said: “The vivacious blue shade represents confidence and curiosity.

“Jewel tones are an increasingly popular trend in the interiors world, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see many interior fans readily embracing this vibrant blue shade into their homes.

“Blue is incredibly versatile to work with, and can be used as a base colour to make a statement, or as an accent to provide pops of colour.

“Purple-blue hues have a naturally calming feel, making them well suited to the bedroom.”

Studies show that expsure to blue can improve exam performance. But as an appetite supressing colour, it’s not for dining rooms.

However, if you have energy and intention this January, you may want vibrant reds in your decor scheme.

It’s a stimulating colour and can increase the appetite, so good for kitchen or diner. Red can help cosy up a sitting room, or maybe provoke conversation, but too much might spark anger, so be warned.

Purple is stronger, more moody and intense, and was originally very expensive to produce so became a colour linked to luxury. Its lighter cousins, lilac and lavender, are softer all together.

As a general rule, light colours make rooms seem bigger, and brighter. Dark colours are more sombre but bring warmth.

Finding the perfect new home:

Orange, like red, is all about energy, so best for active or eating rooms. And pink is calming, and mood enhancing. It’s a bedroom favourite.

Green, as the colour of nature, is the most relaxing colour and is highly versatile. Green is also great in a home office, aiding concentration.

For a happy, lively vibe, the sunshine colour of yellow is hard to beat. It is so uplifting, especially when sun pours in to a room and lights it up with warmth.

But darker yellows can create irritation in both adults and babies.

White and beige are great base colours but can look clinical if bland, and may increase tension.

The colour of chocolate and coffee, brown, is an earthy shade that can be both reassuring and comforting.

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