Millennials are named as the generation most likely to share everyday items with a romantic partner

Millennials are most likely to share the love with a partner (photo: Adobe)Millennials are most likely to share the love with a partner (photo: Adobe)
Millennials are most likely to share the love with a partner (photo: Adobe)
A relationship is all about sharing so why not spread the love this Valentine’s Day?

In time for Valentine’s Day, HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, shares new research revealing that food, a duvet and tech are the items we are most willing to share with a romantic partner, with food topping the list at 48 per cent (Joey Tribbiani should take notes) followed by a duvet at 38 per cent and then phone charger at 36 per cent.

It comes as no surprise that two fifths (40 per cent) of people are more likely to share essential and everyday items with loved ones due to the rising cost-of-living. This increases to 55 per cent for millennials who are the most likely to share overall, and drops to 33 per cent for baby boomers, who are the least likely to share. Baby boomers, however, would rather share with their family than with their romantic partner, with almost half (48 per cent) saying so.

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The research also reveals that Brits are more inclined to keep their finances separate than those from other parts of the world, with just 14 per cent saying they expect their significant other to share a bank account with them. This is less than USA, where one in four said the same (25 per cent), and Germany (22 per cent).

Urge to share the love (photo: Adobe)Urge to share the love (photo: Adobe)
Urge to share the love (photo: Adobe)

When it comes to sharing personal hygiene items, Gen Z are the most generous. The data reveals that they are most likely to share a toothbrush at 13 per cent, earbuds at 15 per cent and underwear at 16 per cent with a romantic partner. Only two per cent of baby boomers said the same and are least likely to share their underwear with a lover.

It's clear that Brits are big on sharing tech in a relationship, with 40 per cent of the top ten items most willing to be shared in a relationship being made up of gadgets and gizmos. Interestingly, the data shows that tablets are becoming more popular and increasingly shareable with family members. A tablet comes fifth in the ranking when sharing with a romantic partner and jumping to second place as the tech item most likely to be shared with children.

Adam Ferguson, Head of Product Marketing at HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, said: “It’s unsurprising that tech such as phones chargers are commonly shared items given their everyday use. Tablets in particular are made with shareability in mind, just like the Nokia T21, ideal for the whole family – whether it’s for work, learning or play, it’s made to adapt. Multiple years of software upgrades on smart devices also means that they can be shared for longer or passed down when you are looking to upgrade.”

Items most willing to share with a romantic partner:

1. Food 48 per cent

2. Duvet 38 per cent

3. Phone charger 36 per cent

4. Toiletries 28 per cent

5. Streaming services password 20 per cent

6. Mobile phone 19 per cent

7. Bank account 18 per cent

7. Tablet 18 per cent

9. Home working space 17 per cent

10. Mobile phone passcode 14 per cent.

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