Chef's mission to get Harborough people eating better and eating together

Ton van der MeenTon van der Meen
Ton van der Meen
A chef is launching a radical mission in Market Harborough to persuade more people to eat better and eat together.

Ton van der Meen, 54, is determined to spearhead a social eating revolution across the Harborough area.

And the evangelical Dutchman aims to take his stirring message up and down the entire country.

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Ton, of Dingley, near Harborough, said: “My slogan is Eat Together, Be Together.

“My goal is simple – to help people of all ages eat better and to eat with other people.”

Originally from Holland, the convinced Anglophile has lived in the UK for 28 years.

“I love it over here and I want to show some kindness and do my best for our fantastic local community,” insisted Ton, who ran Olivers restaurant in Tur Langton for nine years.

“Too many people now eat alone for what ever reason.

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“As a result they don’t eat as healthily or joyfully as they could do and they can get cut off and isolated.

“As well as being a chef I’m training to be a nutritionist and have always had a keen interest in food.

“I can help people with their dietary requirements and give them a more healthy lifestyle.

“But I’m also setting out to bring strangers together.

“So this has a real social upside to it as well because loneliness is an increasing problem in society.”

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Ton is staging his first foodie masterclass at Harborough’s Grammar School at 7pm-9pm on Tuesday November 26.

“I’m hoping that 20-30 folks will turn up.

“I’ll give them something to eat as well as help and advice on what to eat,” said the dad-of-one, who can be contacted on freeline number 0800 0786375.

“As well as the Harborough Mail I’m trying to get my message out through various organisations and radio stations.

“Eventually I want to reach out to many more people all over our country and make it a national success.

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“So please come along to the Grammar School and see me there – I’m sure you’ll have a great time!”

As well as Tuesday evening (Nov 26) Ton will also be at Harborough’s Grammar School on Wednesday November 27 at 12.30-2.30pm.

Ton will also be taking his show on the road to Kibworth Grammar School.

He’ll be there from 12.30pm-2.30pm and 7pm-9pm on Tuesday December 3.

Ton will be back at Kibworth Grammar School at the same times on Tuesday December 10.