Bold new venture launched to inject new life into Harborough after the Covid pandemic

Harborough MP Neil O’Brien is firing up a new Market Harborough Partnership as the town sets out to rebuild

Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 2:19 pm
Updated Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 2:20 pm
Neil O'Brien MP during the Community and Volunteers Fair on the Square. The photo was taken in 2018 before the pandemic. PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER

Harborough MP Neil O’Brien is launching a bold new effort to inject new life into Market Harborough after the Covid pandemic.

The Conservative MP is firing up a new Market Harborough Partnership as the town sets out to rebuild.

The new venture, to be chaired by Neil, will play a pivotal role in leading and co-ordinating the work across partners to “build back better, post-pandemic”.

The partnership will consist of key local authorities, stakeholders and charities active across the town in different ways.

Cllr Phil King, the leader of Harborough District Council, is set to serve as Neil’s deputy chair.

“There are so many amazing groups which are doing great things across Market Harborough and have been doing so for a number of years. I want to work together with these different groups and Harborough District Council, to provide a forum for discussing ideas, challenges and how we join up the dots across Market Harborough specifically,” said Neil.

“It’s something many of the groups involved in our ‘community and volunteers fair’ over recent years have said would be useful.

“So we are looking forward to setting this up.

“I would invite interested stakeholders, groups, charities and associations to get in touch (details via my website below).

“I’d envisage us having somewhere around a dozen or so members to keep numbers manageable and to ensure our discussions are focused. “If there is a lot of interest and a good response, as I hope there is, then we may look at sub-groups which focus on certain areas alongside this,” added Neil.

“Through the leader of Harborough District Council being involved, we’ll be able to hear the views and voice of Market Harborough town councillors.

“Here I specifically want to reach out to charities, business groups and other associations who are active and contribute to life, work and wider civic society within Market Harborough.

“If you are interested, please do visit my website for further details, I’d love to hear from you.”

You can find out more by visiting Neil’s website here: