Robert Smyth students celebrate GCSE success in Harborough

They were impacted by pandemic lockdowns
Robert Smyth students celebrate GCSE success in HarboroughRobert Smyth students celebrate GCSE success in Harborough
Robert Smyth students celebrate GCSE success in Harborough

Students at Robert Smyth Academy are celebrating today after achieving top grades.

The students taking their exams this year were among those impacted by pandemic lockdowns, and grading has become more challenging.

But many achieved top grades at 7-9, formerly A and A* results with the school saying lots ‘exceeded their targets’.

Principal Dan Cleary said: ‘We are proud of the resilience this year group has shown through such a challenging time in preparation for and completion of their GCSEs. I think it is important we remember all these students faced disruption to their education that is unrivalled in living memory. During the lockdown in 2020 and 2021, they missed significant time from their teachers. Subsequently, staff have gone above and beyond to support them through their courses.

“We have seen a reflection of the national picture as the criteria for grading has become more challenging and these students have been held to a higher standard, last experienced by their peers in 2019. Their achievements are even more worthy of celebration within our community.

“We are thrilled so many of our students will continue with their study as part of our highly successful and popular Sixth Form and I know how excited they are to continue their studies with us.

“I must comment these achievements reflect the ongoing, tireless work of staff who have been such great supporters of Year 11. We also thank parents who have played an integral part in these achievements. From buying revision materials, being available to listen and even offering the occasional motivational talk, they have done a great job.”