Elated head of Lutterworth High School is 'incredibly proud' pupils for their GCSE results

Pupils received their results today

By Red Williams
Thursday, 12th August 2021, 2:06 pm
Lutterworth pupils.
Lutterworth pupils.

The elated head of a Harborough secondary school today said he’s “incredibly proud” of all his students as they received their GCSE results.

Julian Kirby spoke of his intense pride as teenagers picked up their results at Lutterworth High School after battling through the 18-month Covid pandemic.

“I am incredibly proud of this cohort of students who have faced such turmoil and uncertainty.

Lutterworth pupils.

“Their attitude throughout has been exemplary,” said Mr Kirby.

“I would also like to thank our parents who have trusted us to do the very best for their children and our amazing staff who adapted so well and went the extra mile for this special cohort of students.”

Star students Katie May Strong and Josef Bartlett were both awarded nine grade 9s, Ed Baum got eight grade 9s, George Hinchley was given seven grade 9s and Millie Holyoak and Rosie Quinn both celebrated getting six grade 9s.

“This cohort of students have experienced the most difficult two years, including two lockdowns.

Lutterworth pupils.

“The fact that they have come out of it so well has shown their incredible perseverance, determination and hard work,” said the school.

Lutterworth pupils.