Console Corner: WarioWare: Get It Together review

Madcap, zany, finger blasting fun

By Damien Lucas
Monday, 13th September 2021, 8:05 pm
Updated Monday, 13th September 2021, 8:06 pm
WarioWare: Get It Together
WarioWare: Get It Together

While the next gen video gaming world remains in a holding pattern which threatens to put lifelong gamers into a coma - is it Nintendo to the rescue again with the first proper new WarioWare game for 14 years!?

WarioWare: Get It Together landed last week and brings back that Japanese Takeshi’s Castle-esque randomness and sense of fun to gaming.

WW: Get It Together is an all new mash-up of brilliant little mini games where the onus - as ever - is on you the gamer to figure out the controls and what to do in each game/level. The game features over 200 quick and quirky microgames and is packed full of the usual Nintendo charm.

For WW fans the only major difference to note this time around is the presence of the characters themselves on screen as opposed to you just controlling the game from a first person perspective.

That's because Wario and his friends have been sucked inside his latest gaming device, meaning they must participate in the microgames themselves. As such, the game has up to two players control a group of characters, randomly alternating between them inbetween Microgames. Characters are controlled using the directional stick and a single button, with each character behaving differently in how they move and what actions they can do.

This new character-based approach offers a totally new layer of depth to the gameplay without compromising everything which has made previous games so addictively brilliant.

WarioWare is still as mad as a box of frogs and that’s why we love it! This will have you in fits and keeps you on your toes with perfect pacing as things ramp up in difficulty.

WarioWare: Get It Together

Characters are beautifully balanced and look great in the cool and kooky new art style.

There are a variety of ways Nintendo have added originality and some longevity to keep you playing. Whether it is the score challenges or unlocking items it all helps in trying to address WarioWare’s eternal issue of fighting to extend game life beyond completion of the levels.

I’m still not entirely convinced it does enough in that regard but WarioWare is what it is, a zany, madcap rollercoaster ride designed for quick blasts and a lot of laughs.

The characters are a nice addition but I’m not sold on how some of them link to the minigames. And the microgames which make up this pinata of videogame are generally lacking in enough variety within the aptly named Variety Pack.

WarioWare: Get It Together

They are minor grievances, though, and make no mistake for my money WarioWare: Get It Together! is the most fun you’ll have playing a video game this side of Christmas.

It is a great test of your quick thinking skills and stays true to formula at the heart of the WW series. The multiplayer options are not as strong as they perhaps could be but this is a proper bona fide addition to the franchise that is not over reliant on gimmicks to make a name for itself.

A pleasure to play and some genuine belly laughs along the way. At it’s best on the big screen with two players, you’ll have a real blast playing WW: Get It Together.

It won’t last long, but it will be memorable.

WarioWare: Get It Together

Rating: 8/10

WarioWare: Get It Together