Harborough pioneer believes she has the answer to women's 'leakage issues'

Julie Colan has put out her SoS through the Harborough Mail as thousands of newly-active women all over the UK have been taking up more exercise
Julie Colan.Julie Colan.
Julie Colan.

A Market Harborough pioneer is making a powerful plea to women literally running into trouble since the Covid-19 crackdown was launched.

Julie Colan, 41, has put out her SoS through the Harborough Mail as thousands of newly-active women all over the UK suffer “leakage issues” every day.

The trailblazing businesswoman is telling victims that there is a definitive answer to their problem immediately available – her unique pelvic floor kit.

“It is heartbreaking to see how many women all over Harborough and right across the country have been suffering so badly over the last few months.

“We have all seen so many more women, both young and older, going out to run and to take part in exercise classes since the lockdown was started,” Julie told the Mail.

“It’s been fantastic to see.

“But as a result a lot more girls and women are suffering leakage issues.

“It’s not their fault – it’s just the way it is.

“But it will have left some of them feeling very embarrassed and even depressed and fed-up.

“They feel they have been left with a lifetime of problems.

“And a fair few will even quit running and exercise sessions full stop – which is a great shame and doesn’t have to happen.”

Julie, who runs highly-successful Secret Whispers, has created tailor-made exercises for women with her kegel balls alongside medical and top product development teams.

“We offer a six-stage programme with different strength balls to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor over 12 weeks.

“A lot of women are not even aware about their pelvic floor, they’ve not even been educated about it,” said the mum-of-two.

“We all need a strong pelvic floor to prevent incontinence and leakage.

“So many women have gone from 0-60 so quickly, experienced these shocking new issues and given up.

“Exercise and fresh air is absolutely vital to mental health at any time – never mind in these very strange days.

“So it’s crucial that women conquer their physical problems so they can continue running.

“We saw a huge a stunning spike in interest and sales of our special kit in May.

“Sales have been very steady since then so the message is getting home in some ways.

“Women have to realise that they are not alone.

“There is a solution.

“Our 6 Step Kegel Exercise Kit is a very effective dumbbell for strengthening and supporting the pelvic platform.

“But we have to get down to brass tacks with girls and young women in schools.

Students from 14 or 15 onwards should be being told about the pelvic floor so that we can educate them about what lies ahead,” said award-winning entrepreneur Julie, of Northleigh Grove, Market Harborough.

“It’s just not good enough that we should be left to our own devices and carry on in ignorance.

“I’ve been battling away for pupils to be properly educated about issues such as weak pelvic floors for years.

“And I will go on campaigning for this blatant anomaly and injustice to be addressed until it’s finally put right.”