Great atmosphere is a bonus at modern jive

IF you try one new thing this year, make it a night at Modern Jive Grantham - chances are you’ll go back.

When I’ve joined dancing groups in the Grantham area to write a feature as Club of the Week, members have tended to be mostly of the retired generation.

I was expecting the Modern Jive club to be no different - I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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Dancers were aged 18 to retirement age, and all ranges in between - and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Everyone was chatting as they learned the moves in the beginners’ class, which always kicks the night off to a good start. There was no pressure to get it right, with teacher Steve Lampert making sure everyone was enjoying themselves.

After the 45-minute beginners’ session follows freestyle, where ‘newbies’ and experienced dancers alike could mix up the moves. An intermediate class follows while the beginners carry on practising, followed by another bout of freestyle for all.

The music choices were not what I was expecting either, with chart music playing heavily and getting everyone in the bopping mood.

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Kirsty Wright, 40, of Welby, has been dancing for around 18 months. Not only does she thank the classes for introducing her to her boyfriend, but also for giving her a great social life and a new hobby.

Kirsty said: “I was going to work then home, work then home, work then home. I was looking for something to do where I could socialise and get a bit of exercise, and this is great for that. I sweat as much here as I do at the gym!”

Steve has been teaching dance for 10 years.

He said: “It’s an excellent way to meet people and it’s a lot of fun. And there’s a great atmosphere. I’d like everyone to just come along and try it.”

Modern Jive Grantham meets at the Electric Club in Commercial Road, Grantham, on Tuesdays from 7.45pm.

Information: call 07917 694356.

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