Ukulele swing comes to Market Harborough

A very unusual show packed with action will be making its way to Market Harborough next week.

La Bella, the consultants of ukulele swing, as they reveal their musical adventures and mishaps in search of The Lost Chord of Ulanbataar.

The performance will delve into the ancient mysteries of the Middle East, have epic journeys across the Mongolian desert in old jalopies and even chase spies along the silk road. All this plus a man in dress.

These three dapper, but hapless chaps will fully illustrate their lecture with musical interludes, mimes, charades, shadow puppetry and deep characterisation.

Many rare artefacts will be shown to great effect with melodies garnered from the locals during their many expeditions around the world.

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    La Bella and the Lost Chord of Ulanbataar is a fun, fast frolic created by the Boys of La Bella with original music and a joke to the finish the show.

    A spokesman for the production team said to watch out for quick dialogue, dazzling musicianship and furious action scenes sometimes featuring a sturgeon.

    La Bella have been performing together for four years and have developed an easy repartee. They can be seen at fairs, fetes and festivals throughout the year.

    Front man Garibaldi, he’s bald and called Gary, attributes their success to banging melodies and good narrative.

    He said: “Our show can entertain click happy children, grumpy grannies and even sullen teenagers have been known to smile.”

    The show is a joint venture with Meadowdale School parents and La Bella ensures a great evening of fun and laughter.

    £7 50 a ticket gets you and seat and the download information for the essentials kit list.

    Items include a brown paper bag and a white handkerchief, no need to ask all will be explained on the night.

    And if that still isn’t clear, the production team have described it as Jules Verne’s Eighty Days Around the World, crossed with James Bondwith a little bit of Gardeners Question Time thrown in just for good measure.

    For further information about the show or troupe can be found by visiting