Meet the model who was spotted when she was mucking out horses on a farm

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One minute she was mucking out horses - the next she was posing in a fashion shoot for a Canadian clothing firm.

It’s exactly how top models are supposed to be discovered - and it really happened to a former Lubenham doctor’s daughter.

Farha Mander (16) was raised in Lubenham, near Market Harborough, and went to the village school, before her family moved to Vancouver Island in Canada in 2007.

Dad Jim was a local GP, mum Ranita (nee Hancock) a community nurse.

Farha, whose dark good looks owe something to Punjabi grandparents, was working with the horses at a farm being used as a backdrop for a shoot for edgy Canadian 
clothing firm Om Boys.

Ranita said: “Farha was literally mucking out when the co-owner of Om Boys spotted her and rushed over to ask her age, and if she would like to model for the day.

“She was then whisked to hair and makeup and you can see the results - which are amazing!”

Farha told the Mail: “I had heard there would be a photo shoot, but never expected to take part in it!

“It was all so shocking and exciting when I was asked to model, but also very nerve wracking.

“I’ve never been an overly open and confident person, so I wasn’t sure how well I’d do, but when it came to the photos I felt so calm and natural.

“All the models introduced themselves and made me feel welcome, which I was thankful for.

“I was the only one there new to modelling; it was such a privilege, and a really amazing experience.”

The Leicestershire teenager’s picture has been used in Om Boy publicity, and on the internet.

“It’s been amazing for Farha’s self esteem” said mum Ranita.