Knights will do battle

Rockingham Castle
Rockingham Castle

KNIGHTS will make a triumphant return to Rockingham Castle this Sunday for one of the most thrilling and colourful days in its calendar.

Re-enactors from the Knights of Nottingham and the Oxford Household will provide a fascinating insight in to life in medieval England with their living history encampment.

Craftspeople will be working to produce swords and coins while, before the main jousting event,the knights will demonstrate the skills required by foot soldiers of the period.

The joust sets out to demonstrate the skills of horse and horseman and will see the Black Knight and his evil entourage, ever devious, determined to win at any cost regardless of the rules of combat.

There will be much cheering and laughter too at the antics of the drunken Sir Fredrick.

Castle owner James Saunders Watson said: “This is a wonderful day of family entertainment, with jousting, living history, music, storytelling and more besides all in a beautiful castle setting.”

The event runs from midday to 5pm with adult tickets from £9 available from